The Plan

The plan on purchasing Kata Brava is to work on her for the next three months (January-April 2013) and then in April look for work again for another year or two to replenish the kitty.

We have done many refit/yard periods before and feel we now know what is achievable goals in certain time frames.  So our idea for the next three months is to strip the deck from any fittings and winches etc. remove the teak and get the welding completed.  We figured the welding is going to take a minimum of two weeks and this is without surprises.  In order for the welding to be completed successfully and safely we will also need to prep the interior for the welder.  This will give us an opportunity to really get to know what Kata Brava is made of and of cause find out a few interesting boat building flaws.  We are sure every boat has them.  Once the welding is done, Kata Brava will need to be sand blasted and barrier coated/primed to prevent any further corrosion. We can then start putting Kata Brava back together again whilst giving her a good clean down.

The engine room will need some serious cleaning and TLC.

Overall we will be kept quite busy.  We are coming into this project expecting the worse, so any good point or quick job will be a bonus.  We also believe that these next few months will paint a better picture of what we are getting into.  It will provide us with an idea of what we have to work towards.

It’s all exciting really.  We see this as a long term project and a great goal for our future.

5 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. My wife and I sat and watched Kata Brava for about a month online. We debated over the potential cost, repairs, variable etc etc. We said we would go look at it when we were in town to for her brothers wedding, which happend to be about 30 mins from the boat. The day we left to go to the wedding “Under Contract” was listed for Kata Brava. I knew I must have missed it then. You spend a lot of time looking and wondering, is this going to be the boat I buy, is it even worth it. Could the pictures be misleading me into thinking is a deal when in reality its a dump? I’ll tell you what, when I saw that it had been sold I kicked myself. I said “I knew it, that was a good boat and a great deal”

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how the project progresses. And in the meantime I’ll keep looking for my own pilothouse cutter rig with a flush deck in a great price


  2. Hi, What a great boat. I saw her a couple of years before her demise. Very interested in how things are going?

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