Week 15.

This is it, we have arrived at the end of Phase One and its time for us to close up Kata Brava.

This last week we concentrated on packing up and organizing the boat, the container and our storage unit.  So in some respects, although the days were long, it was a much easier week for us in comparison to the last few.

IMG_1036 IMG_1048 IMG_1045






We gave the interior a good final cleaning.  It was good to see the boat partially back together again and looking like a boat as appose to a work site.  A few of the yard personnel came aboard to see the boat and most was pleasantly surprise to see what we had done and that we hadn’t completely gutted her.   They had all seen the amount of wood that had come of at the early stages so had naturally assumed we had totally taken out the interior.  Unfortunately we didn’t get around to doing very much with the two heads and the aft cabin which was the areas we did strip down.  However that is OK, as now this gives us time to really think about what we want to do with these areas.

IMG_1024 IMG_1027 IMG_1088






So this week we have decided so show a few pics of the interior as it is right now.  There is a few areas of Kata Brava that is a little dated, but she has charm and when time allows it we will most definitely make her ours.

We also finally got around to taking down the head sail this week.  We had a windless morning and time to quickly release it and pull it down.  All of the sails had remained in place exposed to the elements for the years that Kata Brava had sat here unattended.   So this week with getting the head sail of, we also pulled out the main sail which had been taken of in the first week along with the stay sail and got them measured.  All in preparation for our return. Along with sealing the deck areas, we also got all of the vents netted.  When we arrived on Kata Brava in January, she was full of wasps nest.  Any spot where a wasp could get was a nest.  So for weeks we were breaking up and cleaning up wasp nest along with fighting of the angry wasps.  We definitely don’t want to be doing that again. We are very happy with what we have achieved.

IMG_1066 IMG_1067 IMG_1068







We have a fully sealed, watertight, rust free and painted boat waiting for us.  We have all clean, rust free and painted bilges throughout the boat including the engine room.  We have done what we had set out to do. So for now it is au revoir Kata Brava.

Week 14.

Week 14. was another very productive week for us here in Pierside Boatworks. Last weekend Kata Brava got hoisted by the travel lift to allow us to work on the bottom of the keel but with the terrible weather over the weekend we still had work pending on Monday. So here is Campbell welding under the keel. IMG_0945IMG_0954Once the welding was completed we gave the bottom of the keel two coats of Primer and by late morning Kata Brava was back resting on her keel on solid ground.



We reunited the rudder with the boat, not too sure how long they have been apart for but probably years.

IMG_0976We got the rudder in line with the stern tube and cranked it up with the car jack. With brand new bushing and seals it all went in really smoothly. Its soo good to see Kata Brava with her rudder in place.IMG_1037




We opted not to reinstall some of the deck hardware such as the winches, hatches, sail tracks, cleats, jammers and so on to protect them from the weather while we are away. By not doing so we have over a hundred holes through the deck that if not properly sealed could bring a lot of water into the boat.  So we bought a bag of 6mm stainless steel bolts and nuts and with big fender washers and with a dap of sealant we closed all the holes this way.

IMG_0984A long process but a guarantied one that will keep water out of the boat.



The interior is being cleaned and organized and prepped for being left.


IMG_1016 IMG_1015Again this week we did a lot more painting as we got the engine room primed and the galley overhead primed. We applied another coat of primer below the waterline so now that makes 5 coats of primer on the bottom.  We also applied 2 more coats of primer on the deck therefore 4 coats on the deck in total and on top of that we applied 2 coats of top coat.

IMG_0996 IMG_1005This week we have seen the deck changed color three times, Monday was white primer, Wednesday grey primer and Friday the light grey top coat.


Kata Brava is now well sealed. IMG_1002 IMG_1030Unfortunately with the limited time left on our hands we did not get to tape and separate the areas that are going to be nonskided and the ares that are not, so for now it is all the same color and when we come back we will do the outlining and different colors then.

We finished building the temporary deck hatches out of plywood, fiberglass and epoxy resin. IMG_0973Gave them a coat of primer and they even got the privilege of a top coat as there was left over deck mixture.


With this all done we started reinstalling the pushpit, pulpit, stanchions, lifelines, dorade boxes and the temporary hatches.  IMG_1036Already we have a boat that is looking quite different then a couple of weeks back.

Thats about sums it up for this weeks update.

A+ Morgan


Week 12.

Another fully loaded week for the good ship Kata Brava. Where to start as so much has happened since the last update only 7 days ago.

So we have been busy loading Kata Brava’s bottom with coats of primer and in between the 3rd and 4th coat of primer it was time for a little filler in the odd cavities here and there. IMG_0688


A light sand and another coat.IMG_0717



IMG_0683 IMG_0685


With the excess paint Cheryl is painting the bilges which are turning out quite nice.



Our rudder is also now completed, two weeks ago I was wondering the best way to repair it. The lower section of the one side of the rudder was badly deteriorated and the other side only had a few holes, so the quick fix would have been to cut out and replace the bad lower section of the one side and have a few inserts on the other. However that would have been a bit tacky. The next option was to strip it to its stock and totally rebuilt it which is what we did.


So we stripped the rudder to its stiffeners, made a template of the stiffeners  and welded the new stiffeners on.Then laid the rudder frame on a new sheet of metal and outlined it.


We then cut the outlined X2 and welded the one side to the stock and the stiffeners and painted the interior with high end navy grade barrier coat.





Once that was done we then tacked the other side to the rudder stock and to the stiffeners, now that it’s fully tacked, it was time for the long welds to fully seal it.




To finish it we welded a couple of bolts to both sides that will support the anodes and voila a brand new rudder is made.






With all our carbon steel work completed it was time to do some stainless steel work. So here we have Campbell welding our two piece pull pit back together.



Here is our modified midship stantions. IMG_0735Originally they were through bolted to the deck which we had water infiltrations through. So we modified it by closing those holes and welded a mounting plate to the deck on which the stantions are now mounted on. In turn the stantions had to be modified and shortened.

The highlight of this week was the holding tank. We have been pushing this project back for some time now as there was other priorities.

Weeks ago we opened the inspection hatch of the holding tank to find that it was full so we had it pumped empty which was fine. Then a few weeks back once the deck got sand blasted quite a bit of water came into the boat through the various holes so the bilges and the opened holding tank needed emptying again. As we were emptying the bilges the level of the holding tank was also dropping, Hmmmmm it looked like we had a hole or several holes in the holding tank.  So it needed to come out and we have been pushing this project back.


IMG_0743 IMG_0752

So here we are welding pad eyes to the top of the tank and Campbell and I pulling hard on the chain falls and come alongs but the tank would not budge.



We built a A frame over both ends and banged and banged wedges between the tank and the side of the keel to get it moving.



Hours later it gradually came up, the tank was sealed/locket into place with tar, hence it was difficult coming out.

Now that we have the tank out of its pit we will have to fix it or make a new one.  The question is if we fix it do we do it in the boat or do we cut it up and fix it out of the boat as its not coming out in one piece through the companion way.

So I slept over the options and on Saturday I cut it in two pieces then Cheryl and I pulled both pieces out of the boat.



What a job, the tank we believe is original to the boat as its made in one piece (no welding seams) so the only way it could have been fitted into its pit was lowered straight down when the pilot house was not part of the boat.




Now that the tank is out, it was time to clean the engine room and the holding tank pit which is 1.5 meters deep and narrow.


Scoop by scoop and hours later we got all the muck out and now have a much cleaner engine room.



Here we are looking a little dirtier then normal but happy to have finally put this job behind us.


While I was this dirty I took a little tour into the diesel tank to scoop any muck from its bottom too.




Quickly before we called it a day at 19:00 Cheryl layered up the transom with more primer.



There we have it this weeks update with more pictures then words.

A+ Morgan

Week 11.

Another loaded week for Kata Brava in Pierside Boatworks Shipyard.

I started a little poorly this week as I got a piece of steel in my left eye on Sunday afternoon. Thinking it would flush out after a good wash and some rest Monday my eye was swollen and red so off to the eye doctor I went. IMG_054530 minutes later I was back on the boat with a numb left eye and back to grinding welds with this time even more protection.


Not that I wasn’t wearing any but by now my eye was very sensitive to the light, hence the the dark glass’s under the protective glass’s.

IMG_0548Cheryl has been chasing loose paint in the bilges in preparation for painting and in between jobs also gave a coat a of paint to the Lazerette sole which is starting to take shape now.


With the transom  totally completed with cockpit drains welded in place and the back stay chain plates solidly welded we gave it its first coat of primer.IMG_0592

Being race week here in Charleston there is lots of activity in the ship yard with boats arriving on trailers, getting rigged and launching all throughout the week. We on the other hand were getting ready for sand blasting which started on Wednesday and carried on through to Thursday.

IMG_0568 IMG_0572So while a lot of activity was happening here we were making a lot of noise and sending off a lot of fine dust in all directions. Probably not very popular with some folks.

IMG_0581 IMG_0579 While Cheryl was waiting for the sandblasting to be over she found a small job of cleaning the cockpit back rest locker doors, here is a good picture of before and after and of-cause Cheryl showing her cleaned door.


Thursday once the blasting was done we gave Kata Brava a good wash down with the ship yards pressure washer and let the hull dry out before applying the fist coat of barrier coat. IMG_0637 IMG_0662

Three hours later Kata Brava was finally fully primed, a great sight and feeling of accomplishment.  Friday afternoon a second coat of primer was applied.


We’ve also been busy applying the left over barrier coat paint to the cleaned bilges, pictures will follow in next weeks update as well as the tale of the rudder which is nearing its final stage of restoration.

Stay tuned for next weeks update.

A+ Morgan

Week 10.

Where to start as its all happening, we are progressing full steam ahead clocking in 12 to 14 hour days at the yard. Our new welder Campbell from Shore Line Ship Repairs has been excellent. During the week Campbell is only able to come to us from 4 PM due to work commitments but has been staying until 8 PM at night.  However on the weekends he is with us all day and we are making huge progress.

IMG_0449Cheryl has been busy filling in all the remaining small cavities on deck and in the cockpit.



She also has been preparing the Dorade boxes by priming them and sanding them down several times until they are nice and smooth for their first coat of top coat.

Finally but not least she is in the process of putting the master cabin back together by filling in the frames with the insulation glass and screwing back the panelings.



IMG_0440Our new C&C cut Acrylics for our deck hatches have arrived and look awesome, especially compared to the old ones.




We gutted the bilges from a couple of old, stiff and smelly hoses such as  black water, gray water, air conditioning sump boxes, fresh water and heater water.


All these hoses were really dirty some of them had been cut and rejoined in odd places making the bilges look like a colorful spider web.



So out they all came, we then gave the bilges a good wash down and already it looks so much better.


Loads of progress on the welding side. We replaced a couple of sections of stringers in the steering lockerIMG_0454 and also re-welded the auto pilot bracket back in its place and as-well the new generator exhaust next to the main engine exhaust.

The biggest achievement this week though was the transom. We decided to replace an even bigger section of it as originally we were only going to replace the lower section and keep the propane gas locker. Then we decided to get rid of the propane gas locker and therefore we would need to close up the starboard side of the transom as well.

IMG_0456 IMG_0472

As we are replacing the lower section and the starboard section we thought we  might as well replace the port side too. So off we went and marked a nice straight line and cut off the whole transom. Yes crazy but its amazing what can be done with steel.


We welded vertical stringers to get the curvature that we wanted and up we pulled our plate of steel into place.


Campbell used the plasma cutter to get a nice clean cut and with dogs and wedges we brought the metal into shape and tacked it into place.



We also started working on the rudder as it had a few pin holes.

IMG_0521We cut out a small section which became bigger and bigger. I was surprised of the state of the inside…We might have to built a new one so here I am think what to do next…


Here we have it this weeks update in a few words and with a few pictures.


Here is a cool transom before and after picture, even though the after is not totally finished, its great to see the difference.

IMG_1497 IMG_0523




A+ Morgan

Week 9.

Well this is our last single digit week since we started refurbishing Kata Brava with plenty more to come.  The question is how many more weeks will it take? We are progressing at a very slow pace to say the least. There are two factors that we are struggling with, one of them is  Mother Nature.  We all know very well there is not much we can do about that, it is what it is and we have to work with it which is exactly what we have been doing.   We are always keeping a sharp eye on the weather front and prioritizing certain jobs.

Our next factor is Human Nature, yes Human Nature…this factor is a mistake of ours, or should I say mine, it is one that can be and should be avoided with better judgment. I thought I had a good sense of reading/judging different people, obviously not this time. For the last couple of weeks its been excuses after excuses, holding us up in our progress and setting us back. This week we have had enough and needed to do something about it so we have a new welder since Wednesday and we are finally making progress again.

We have closed up all the small remaining screw holes on deck that was brought to light after the sand blasting.  Stainless steel brackets have been welded to support our dorade boxes and now our deck is totally completed with the welding.



Now that this is done we started the long process of leveling all the small cavities with high build fearing compound.

A big task on the job list was to lift our +1000 liter stainless steel water tank out of it’s pit in the keel to access a cut out that was made prior to us buying the boat so that we can close it up.

IMG_0379 IMG_0382 IMG_0383

IMG_0398 IMG_0411

So we squared out the cut out as it was roughly cut made an insert with a nice big bevel to allow a few passes of welding and now finally a closed hole.

Having the tank out of the keel pit we took advantage of cleaning the pit. Gave the walls a good go with the wire brush and a coat of barrier paint with another to come.

IMG_0384 IMG_0390 IMG_0007

Also below the waterline we welded a stainless steel pipe inside and outside in the engine room for a seawater inlet.

The rudder skeg is nearing completion too, we inserted a new plate on the starboard side of the skeg. We also made a new shoe for the skeg with nuts welded on the inside to support the rudder when in place and also fitted a new trailing edge which is a 3″ channel iron.


There we have it another week down the channel and a smiley face after a long days work.IMG_0413

Have a good one. A+ Morgan

Week 8.

This weeks update will be brief as this weeks progress has been based on preparing areas to be worked on for next week.

The week began with a thorough cleaning of the interior by Cheryl.  During the glass blasting, water and glass got into the boat, so this needed to be taken care of.  Whilst she did this I prepared the gunwale for painting.  The gunwale was a section of the deck which was hard to get with the glass blasting machine, so I made sure any corroded sections, was chipped, grinded and cleaned.

IMG_0325We applied our second coat of barrier coat/primmer to the deck and cockpit so now its all well and sealed.


Cheryl is in the process of taking apart the winches, cleaning all the parts and putting everything back together.  A long slow process which needed to be done and by the looks of things haven’t been done in years.  IMG_0334So far 7 winches are off the boat and 5 more are still bolted to the mast and coachroof.

IMG_0314 IMG_0316

We went to Summer ville and picked up our hatches which have been powder coated and now looking like new.  The new acrylic has been ordered and should be with us by next week.


I spent two days chip hammering, sanding and cleaning the lazarette and the steering locker in preparation for painting.  Everything is now looking nice and clean.IMG_0319

This week has been a tough week weather wise.  Temperatures dropped considerably and was in the low single digits most mornings.  With the cold came a strong bitter wind which didn’t make working out side very easy.  We are keeping our fingers cross for warmer weather for next week. This about sums up this week.

Have a Happy Easter weekend.

A+ Morgan & Cheryl

Week 7.

Kata Brava has a NEW LOOK.

We started the week tending to some final welding that needed to be done before we could start with the sand blasting.


IMG_0244Also finishing protecting what didn’t need sand blasting with plywood, cardboard, tarpaulin and roles and roles of duck tape.


Cheryl plugged all the deck bolt holes with round rode which she tapered and bunged into the deck to create a plug.


Our sand blasting machine arrived on Tuesday, ready for an early start on Wednesday.


However on Wednesday the machine did not work and after a lot of fussing a new one was brought in so with half a day gone only a small portion of the deck was done.


IMG_0274 IMG_0293

Thursday was nonstop sand blasting and by the end of the day the boat was almost bare and free from rust, glue and paint, a great feeling.


Friday morning we did a little bit of detailing here and there, washed down the boat as it looked as if we had landed on a beach somewhere.


We let the deck dry for a couple of hours and by mid afternoon we were both in full swing, painting away.

IMG_0307 IMG_0303


We started on the bow and worked our way aft finishing in the cockpit by applying the last small square area standing on the helm pedestal.

There we have it Kata Brava finally has a new look and this week we feel we have made a big step forward.

A+ Morgan.

Week 6.

I dont know if its the same for everyone or if its just me but the weeks are flying by at an incredible fast pace, week six has already come and gone.

Well its all coming along slowly but steadily.

IMG_0161 IMG_0169We’ve done a few cut outs. Our first cut out was around the hole that we had found in the engine room. Once the cut out was cleaned and trimmed we welded a new plate of 1/4″ or 6mm Steel.

IMG_0174 Second cut out is a section in the stern. The Auto pilot bracket which is made of thick stainless steel was welded in 3 different spots to the hull.  In turn on the out side we could see that the metal had deteriorated and was weak and therefore needed replacing so we cut out the auto pilot bracket and a big section of metal.  WIMG_0184e then used this piece as a template and cut a new piece of steel which we spot welded into place. Being so close to the end of the transom this was the best way to go about it rather then having 3 small inserts that would correspond to the 3 different legs of the auto pilot bracket.

The third cut for this week was in the tailing edge of the rudder skeg.IMG_0181 The skeg had a few pin holes in the tailing edge, side and on the shoe.

The forth cut out was the cooking gas locker in the transom. This locker had rust holes in all four corners making it very difficult to repair so the idea is to take it fully out and improve the setup which will come later.

IMG_0188 IMG_0185We fed the new pipes for the Main engine and generator exhaust.These two exhaust’s are welded with support bracket’s along the decks crossbeams and travel from the transom locker through the lazaret, through the aft head and into the engine room.

We got all our deck hatches cleaned up and totally disassembled and sent them to be sand blasted and powder coated. IMG_0178We are also in the process of getting all new acrylics for the hatches.

Our deck paint is on its way.  We had scheduled two weeks ago to get sand blasted this week, however unfortunately the yard wasn’t ready for us. So we are now scheduled to get the deck sand blasted mid next week.  We are really looking forward to a new look.

IMG_0206Cheryl got all the stanchions out of their deck supports and started taping up the stainless steel bollards, turnbuckles, mast base and so on. IMG_0191

I chipped, wire brushed and sanded all around the top and outside side of the gunwale and few small spots on the hull and primed them. Its much easier to do this outside section and spots by hand and grinder instead of sandblasting as there would then be too much risk of damaging the topside. IMG_0195This is the first bit of fresh paint that Kata Brava has had in a very long time.


So there we have it, in all a steady progress and fingers cross for a new look next week.

A+ Morgan

Week 5.

This weeks update will be short.

In all it has been another non stop week for the both of us,  a seven day week for me which is taking it’s toll.  As always we are preparing or advancing a job for later on. We have managed to progress as much as we can in terms of preparing for the sandblasting and advancing the areas to be welded by cutting and grinding.  However the welding has progressed very little or not as much as we have hoped.

Our contractor Tommy has injured his knee and therefore been in and out of the hospital and not been able to come down to the boat much which is very frustrating.  We have scheduled to sandblast at the end of next week and are now wondering if we will be able to keep up with that date, what can we do???

On the up side of things, the deck is now clear of wood and ready for sandblasting.  It took us about two days in total to get the hatches and surrounding teak off.  What a long process.

IMG_0108Cheryl has started to take apart the deck hatches so that we can send the frames out for powder coating and order the new acrylic’s.IMG_0120

This week she has also tackled the galley ceiling again.  It needed to be taken care of, so unfortunately she had to strip nearly the entire ceiling from the ceiling panels, the wooden frames and the insulation and plastic which was the main cause of the water soaked ceiling.


Our paint for the bottom and the bilges has arrived.  So finally once the last of the welding on the hull is done we can start painting the interior sections of the boat that requires sealing.

With Tommy being away most of the week, we have only had Red on board.  IMG_0114He has completed the last of the cockpit area.  I have cut away the bad/rusted sections of the gunwale this week and Red has nearly completed re-welding new sections of steel on. IMG_0122 IMG_0131

This weekend I cut out the majority of the transom area that needs replacing, so now it’s ready for new plates to be installed.  IMG_0133

We have also been busy getting quotes for various new items that we will need which all takes time.

We can’t wait now to be in in the fixing mode rather than in the demolition mode.  We can only hope next week will be better.

A+ Morgan