French Polynesia – The Marquesas Islands 2014.

We were fortunate to spend a few weeks in The Marquesas Islands…..Morgan had always talked about the Marquesas with great fondness after spending over a year there 20 years ago.  Its really is a beautiful spot, almost fairy tale like.

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A New Life for Us…..

A year ago today our lives changed.  A year ago Nomadica was launched and we started our lives a float. 

We had dreamt about living aboard our own boat again for years.  Its been a bit of a whirlwind as it has not always been easy.  But when I look back on what we have achieved in the last year, the projects and goals a head are nothing in comparison.  I will write more on that later.

In March we welcomed into our lives our new addition.  Our son Gaël Kai Morice was born on the 4th March here in Martinique.  We couldn’t have been happier.  Our hearts are full and our lives have been busy.  After a short hospital stay we bought him straight home to the boat.  My Mum and Stepdad made the long journey from St Helena Island to be with us for the occasion.  They arrived on the 1st March for nearly an 8 week stay on board.  Just 3 days after they arrived Gaël decided to make his arrival.

We are still in Martinique at the moment, but will be moving along the Island chain soon. Its wonderful to finally be a family a float.  Our little boy has already had his first sail to St Lucia and back.  

The  first of many adventures a head.


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