Welcome to our Blog……finally we have gotten around to doing it.  We have been contemplating making a blogsite for a while, but with the regular use of Facebook it almost seemed un-necessary.

However we have started a slightly new chapter in our lives with a particular goal for the future and we thought it would be a good time to share what we are doing with those who really want to follow us.

We hope you will enjoy our site and and have fun navigating around our post.  We want you to be apart of our future….

18 thoughts on “Home

  1. Super…. comme cela je vais pouvoir vous suivre tout au long de ce nouveau projet…. Bon courage, bons travaux….. Et de vous voir partir avec votre bateau…. Gros bisous à vous deux

  2. Had an opportunity to look at you blog properly and after todays news look forward to seeing what next. Love you both xx

  3. Bravo Cherryl et Morgan, je viens d’apprendre une très bonne nouvelle, j’espère (et je suis sûr) que vous allez vivre des expériences extraordinaires. Amitiés.

  4. Hi Morgan and Cheryl, Missed your post for week 13. Maybe you took a much deserved break…hope so!

    • Hi Menna, glad you missed us :-). I was being paranoid and wanted to wait until today before posting week 13 ‘s update. You will understand when you see the post. Unfortunately no break. x

  5. Hi Guys, Sounds like you both have been having a great time. Keep well and safe!! Thinking of you both always!!

  6. I hope jou like your new pets The are cheap you dont have to clean them en fead them my sister made them
    Greatings Wendy from The zaanse zeilemakerij

  7. Morgan & Cheryl hi! Warm greetings from Greece. I am s/y skipper, just accidentally discovered & went through your blog and wish you all the best on your dreams & plans
    🙂 You seem really excellent people! I fill in below my email address and I would really appreciate if you can drop me an email when you read this. I will respond with a few technical questions regarding a charter sailing project I am starting the next period. I am confident, after reading your history posts, that your contribution will be truly valuable. Thanks in advance & I wish you once again all the best on your nomadic activities!

  8. Hi guys, just came across your blog by accident. We met briefly on Lizard Island in the Great Barrier Reef. I was on board the Dufour 525 Sojourn then.
    All the best of luck with the project, calm seas and fair wind be with you.

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