Hi my name is Morgan.

I am originally from France, born in a small town called Guerande in Brittany.

Although I am French I have never lived in France. My father a professional mechanic and fisherman along with my mother a woman of many talents decided to sail the world a few years before I was conceived. My mother travelled back to Brittany to give birth to me and then together we travelled back to our floating home that was waiting for us in the Mediterranean Sea.

With my parents and three siblings we sailed around the world.

I have always been on the move, never stayed in one place long enough to be able to call it home.

I am what I am, a traveling man.

4 thoughts on “Morgan

  1. Aló Morgan! Je suis Norbert, Argentine. Nous étions sur la grande île au Brésil en 2000, et je suis resté en contact avec votre sœur. voulais juste savoir de vous et j’ai trouvé ce site. C’est fantastique! J’habite à Barcelone. Si jamais vous passez par ici, serait très heureux de vous voir! Salutations! PS: J’ai une très vieille photo de vos beaux enfants et je l’envoie.
    ceci est mon site si vous voulez me contacter.

  2. Morgan. Not sure if you are following this site anymore. If you are I am interested in knowing what happened to your kata brava Where is it now. What where your thoughts on sailing her.

    Mike Boyd

    • Hello Mike, Morgan said he replied to you, but just in case you didn’t receive his message, we are back with our big girl and working to get her ready. Hoping to get her in the water this time around in a few months time. Wish us luck.

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