About Us

One of the common questions people ask when they meet us is of cause where we come from.  The answer France and St Helena Island then normally leads to the next question which is how long have you known each other.  At this point I often asked what is the question is it, ‘how long have we known each other for’ or ‘how long have we been dating’.  The answer is very different.

Morgan and I first met in July 1991.  Morgan at the time was sailing around the world with his family aboard their 60ft French sailing fishing vessel ‘Gilbert Guy’.  At the time Morgan was thirteen and I was twelve.  I befriended Morgan and his sisters at the children’s ‘Hop’ as it was commonly called at the time.  For the next few weeks they were my ‘new friends’ and Morgan my ‘little boyfriend’ until their departure from St Helena.  I received three letters from Morgan that following year and then just like that…..time past.

Twelve and a half years later in 2003 Morgan returned to St Helena on his own 29ft sailing yacht ‘Noa’ to join his family who was about to start a fishing contract there.

I had left St Helena in 1998 and had been working on our sister Island Ascension.  Christmas 2003 was to be my first holiday and Christmas home since I had originally left and who should I bump into again.

In October 2004 I took the plunge and left my cocoon and sailed away with my French sailor.

In March 2018 our lives changed forever as we became a family of 3 when we welcomed into the world our son Gaël Kai Morice.  Now we are a family afloat on a new adventure.







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