Boat Projects under the Caribbean Sun.

So we haven’t been completely lazy here. Morgan’s been keeping busy continuously twigging systems and finishing jobs on board and of cause we don’t stop with general maintenance.  Its such a pleasure though to be working on our future, our dreams, our boat.  

So here’s a summary of the major projects he’s accomplished so far.

Solar Panel.

IMG_0195A few days before leaving Charleston we made the decision to get a solar panel shipped to us.  Not having the time to install it, we stuck it in the aft cabin with the rest of the materials we were carrying.  This was one of the first jobs Morgan got to on arrival here.  He made a bracket on the solar panel and secured it on the aft cross beam between the two stern poles.  It works a charm and also creates a nice shaded area in the aft section when sailing. 

Swim Platform.

You will remember the swim platform frame that Morgan got Jimmy to make quite a few months back.  Just days before our departure we bought some sapele wood for this platform.  This was one of the priority projects he tackled which made getting in and out of the water such a pleasure.  The planks were quite thick so he got these cut down on the dock the day before we left Charleston.  Once we arrived he cut the planks to size to fit in the frame and evenly spaced them on the frame.  It was tough work drilling the holes necessary to secure the planks, it even ended up with a trip to the ER and 8 stitches later which was the result from hot metal fillings slicing his finger like butter. 


To add an extra touch he also routed out the planks which not only looked good but helps with grip.  The end product looks amazing. 


Deck Hardware and Tracks.

When we left Charleston we installed the minimum deck hardware.  Once time allowed here it was time to get the rest of the deck blocks and tracks installed.  You might think thats an easy enough task.  However installing the 4 tracks on the gunnel took us quite a few days and lots of prep.  Firstly we had to drill 140 holes through the 8mm steel gunnel where the tracks were going to be placed.  Once this was done we had to treat the metal and the holes, prime and paint the area.  Then 140 bolts later our tracks were finally on.


It was great to see the boat kitted out again and it was nice to take away the temporary blocks we had been using.  Whilst we did this Morgan also treated areas of the gunnel that had some rust spots showing. Yes its a steel boat and we will be doing this continuously.

Now that we’ve sailed the boat a fair bit it also gave us a chance to see what we actually wanted to reinstall and what we felt would no longer work without the teak deck adding some height. 


Installation of Deck Hatches.

In our haste to get out of the USA we didn’t install all of the deck hatches. Instead Morgan made epoxy ply wood covers that he secured over the openings instead. It wasn’t exactly pretty but it was the best we could do.  So since arriving he has been installing the last few hatches.  The Master Cabin hatch had originally had a teak frame around it which had since been removed.  So this was the trickiest one.  However after lots of thought he came up with a solution and its was a fantastic treat to have a operating forward hatch. 


Our nights our now cool and our days are bright with all the hatches on deck finally in place.


Installation of deck wash/anchor windless box.

IMG_8424With the removal of the teak deck came few alterations that needed to be made. Originally there was a stainless steel box bolted to the teak with the deck wash and anchor windless box installed in.  Of cause with no teak we needed to make a solution. Its a simple one but it works well.




Building of Forward Head.

This has been the project that has given me the most to smile about.  When we moved on board Nomadica in June the head area’s was still two blank spaces.  Just weeks before departure I begged Morgan to at least install the toilet in the forward head.  Using the yard facilities was OK but it got a little old after a while.   This is how we lived for a few months, with just a toilet and one sink in the galley.  So when Morgan finally started on the forward head I was so please.  We had a few delays due to the weather.  Of cause just when he needed to prime or paint we had like two weeks of continuous rain which hindered progress.  He couldn’t exactly paint with the boat closed up and us locked in side. 


Originally this head was terribly old fashioned with lots of unpractical storage spaces.  Most of the wood work was also covered in formica which had pulled away.  We had to get access to the hull when we did the welding work so decided to strip this entire area out.   It was a blank space and we had discussed the plans for this at great length. 


I could never imagine it would look the way it does today.  There is still a few fine details but I am totally happy with the end result.  I’m also amazed at how the space feels bigger than originally imagined.  Its got me excited about the build projects ahead.


So thats it.  As I write work has finally started on the aft cabin and head.  Its going to be a few weeks if not months but I know we will get there. Slow steps whilst we enjoy life on board. 


1 thought on “Boat Projects under the Caribbean Sun.

  1. Morgan really well .it looks really nice now that it’s finish. Will look forward when the next project is finish
    Well done .xxc

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