Week 20. – Phase 2. – A big week.

This week has been a massive week.   We can finally see the light, although the tunnel is still long. 

Monday was our big day and our big girl got launched.  We are still on a high from the fact that she is actually in the water.  Not a day has gone by where one of us have said ‘can you believe it, she’s in the water’.  We had been talking about this day and dreaming about it, and perhaps having a few nightmares about it for the last four and a half years.  To see and feel her bob around to the motion of the ocean is just fantastic. 

Monday we also started the process of moving out of our rented apartment, so late afternoon we went back to the apartment and bought a car load of stuff back.  Then I found myself spending the rest of the evening and following morning packing away and organizing things. 

This was basically the pattern the entire week.  In the afternoons we would drive to the apartment, get a car load of stuff and then come back and pack it away. 

Morgan spent the first two days tinkering around with the engine and generator.  Fine tuning as one may call it.  He also started to bring some of his stuff from the container in the yard back to the boat. 

Wednesday morning we got a email from the supplier of the engine and Cummins representative that they would be coming by around mid day to do the engine trials.  There was lots to do to prepare for our first motor trial, so we got the tender pumped up and engine on, just in case we needed it.  For this to happen I also had to install the two of the 5 winches back on the mast to enable us to launch and lift the tender.  Everything in the interior had to be secured or stowed away.  At 12:30 the representative Ed arrived and started his checks.  Its amazing how much they actually have to check and the amount of information he had to supply.  He literally had a whole book full that he needed to full out.  I guess this is all required for the two year warranty. Once he was happy with everything we fired the engine up and prepped to leave the dock.  On such short notice we wanted a extra pair of hands to help us, so a friend lent us one of his workers for the afternoon.  Not knowing how the boat would respond in gear or once moving we were both a little apprehensive.  However she did amazing. 

Getting of the dock was a piece of cake and she responded well.  We motored down the channel at various speeds so that Ed could check the engine, RPM output, temperature and various other things.  The maximum speed down the channel topped at nearly 10 knots.  Happy with everything we came back to the dock a few hours later.  Ed was impressed with the entire installation and we got the green light for the engine.  Yay another weight of our shoulders, especially Morgan’s of cause. 

With the engine box ticked of Morgan could finally move on to other jobs that needed doing.  Since Monday we have been living aboard.  Its not all fun and games as half of the boat is still gutted and we still don’t have running water, electricity or a toilet yet.  Luckily the yard has supplied all of this on the dock and a toilet and shower is just a few hundred meters away.   Since Tuesday we have been eating on board as well. Just like that our stove worked perfectly.  I haven’t used gas in over 4 years and I’m just amazed at the heat our stove gives of. 


Lighting the stove for the first time. 

Friday we officially moved out of our flat that we had rented for the last 6 months. It was a bittersweet moment.  Being between the boat and the flat all week was tiring and we were happy that the move was finally over.  However I wished I had enjoyed the flat more or the apartment complex facilities more, but I guess that wasn’t to be.   

Other jobs started or completed this week :-

With cooking on board Morgan made a support for the gas cylinders outside.   Originally there was a designated locker in the stern compartment for these, but right now we will make do with the both gas tanks being harnessed to the push pit. 


Making a support for the gas cylinders.

He also made a support for the tender engine.  Both of these are made out of wood for now.  Once we get a spare moment we will also get these painted white.


Tender engine support.

The Jon Bouy and Life Sling was mounted on the port stern quarter. 

The silent wind generator was assembled and dry fitted.  We still need wiring for this but right now its another box out of the container and another item on the boat.

The Glacier Bay fridge and freezer compressor was assembled and dry fitted into place.  This was quite a task as I had originally dismantled it, cleaned it and then resprayed the parts.  So there was Morgan left with a box of parts to put back together again.  Fingers cross this will work.  We had intended to redo the entire refrigeration system, however we recently learnt that this was a new system installed prior to the boat being put on the hard, so we’re hoping it works with a little persuasion. 

So lots have happened this week.  We still have a ton of work to do to make it comfortable. Our days are long being on board and starts before sun rise and ends when we stumble into bed at night.  However unfinished things are its still nice to be in our home.

Have a good week.


4 thoughts on “Week 20. – Phase 2. – A big week.

  1. Yooooooppppppyyyyyyy !!!!!! Bravissimooooo !!!!!! Magnifiiiiiique !!!!!
    You did it so well … KB is beautiful … A thousand congratulations to both of you my children xxxxxxx 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Wow, good job motoring off the dock, massive box to be ticked off for sure! Sure sounds like lots of progress, exciting times ahead!

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