A day worthy of its own post …… Launch day.

Yep thats right, Kata Brava is in the water.  You’re probably thinking we kept that quiet, although anyone who knows boats would have guessed that we were close from last weeks post.  We set this date to launch two weeks ago.  Last week I was still second guessing whether we were ready or not.  But as Morgan constantly tells me, we will never be fully ready and the fact is we need to get her in the water to get all her systems checked.  Plus once living on board we might actually progress more to.

To say the last few days have been stressful would be an understatement, I have woken up every night for the last week at 2am and find my mind racing until nearly 5am. 

We bought Kata Brava whilst she was sitting on the hard four and a half years ago, and as far as we understood she had been on the hard for 6-7 years prior to that.  So that comes to approximately 11-12 years out of the water.  She’s an impressive sight on land so to be honest I struggled to imagine what she would look like in the water.  We have just one copy of an old article on her to go by.   I kept saying to Morgan ‘Will she float’ 🙂 .

Our anxiety about the launch meant we couldn’t say anything in fear of jinxing things.  What didn’t help either was that a month ago whilst we were in France the sea wall along where the travel lift pit is collapsed. This meant that boats are being hauled and launched via crane and then travel lifted the 200 meters or so round to the yard.  This all sounds reasonable until you have a boat like Kata Brava.  A heavy steel boat that is too heavy for the resident crane.  So a bigger crane had to be hired for the job and Friday we got notified that our launch would cost over four times more than what it would if we had been launched via the travel lift.  This made us both pretty pissed of and angry to say the least.  We don’t see it as being fair, but what can we say……our backs are up against the wall. We needed to get in the water and start thinking about getting out of this country.

So this morning at 8 am the 200 ton (imperial) crane arrived along with his truck full of weights to act as counter weights.  KB was prepped for the ride from the yard to the new launch area and then it started.  It was quite a process to get the whole operation set up.  Fortunately everyone seemed to know what they were doing and everything went smoothy.  On transferring her from the travel lift to the crane slings we got a accurate weight reading of 55 000 Ib’s which is approximately 25 tons for us Europeans.  Everything happened pretty fast from there and at 10:35 she touched the water.  What a wonderful sight and a wonderful feeling.  We checked and still continue to check her, seacocks, transducer, shaft and rudder stem are all dry.  YAY we have a floating boat.

To top it all of this evening Morgan wanted to connect the batteries for both the engine and generator and start them both up.  The generator had to be kicked over 2 times before it roared into life.  All systems checked…..all systems go. Next it was the engine and of cause first turn of the key and she came to life to.  Once again all systems checked and all systems go.   Its been a good day on the water and tonight we spend our first night aboard our home.

Cheryl & Morgan

11 thoughts on “A day worthy of its own post …… Launch day.

  1. Congratulations… what an achievement… she looks great … the cost and hassle of the crane will soon be forgotten, or at least overshadowed by other costs! Look forward to next update. Joel

  2. Congratulations Morgan and Cheryl! Your incredible hard work has paid off. It is amazing what you are achieving week after week. How special to have her in the water. With love, Tom and Susie xx

  3. Ooohhhh!!!!!! THIS is a news!!! So wonderful, so happy for her to be floating, and for you to be home! Frankly, when speacking of boats (and life…) what Morgan says about never being fully ready shall be topped by “cost never being quite as the calculated one” but…who cares, once the goal is reached!
    Forget what it took, and what it did cost to get there! Look at her!! She is a beauty! And YOU did it, from top to bottom, from front to back. It is YOURS.
    Now get out of that yard asap: it sounds like a nightmare, the worse possible base to get a work like this done!
    What’s about coming to this side of the pond, in good old Mediterranean?
    Keep us posted and lots of HURRAY!!!

  4. Massive Congratulations 😀🍾🍾🍸🍹👏👏 Absolutely fanbloodytastic…..you launched the day the Kiwis beat the Americans in the America’s Cup 😉 KB looks great on the water and I look forward to seeing you both in a port somewhere around the globe 🙂 PS I know you still have lots to do but with boats it is never ending 🙂 Enjoy the float xx

  5. Good news everything went well what a achievement for you both .
    Feel very happy happy for you both.
    Hope you will have Agood night and not to over excited.xx🍸🍾🍺xx

  6. Absolutly wonderfull … I understand how spécial is this day for you two … Finaly hard work is behind and news horizons in front … Congratulations twousend time for all hard work you have done … KB is beautifull because of your tenacity 😀🌊🌏🌌🌞🌝🌸🌈🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻

  7. Yipee, what a great sight, congratulations, you have a boat that floats, and wauw, well done to Morgan that engine and generator works, fantastic job you too. Hopefully things will run a bit more smoothly now. Xo

  8. Its moments like these that make it all worth while, moments like these that reward you all the hard work!
    And what a wonderful feeling to have your floating home in its element!!

  9. Congratulations to you both .Although you are not quite finish there yet it’s time to celebrate that you’ll got your home
    KB looks beautiful can’t wait for my ride now .😀🍷🍾🍻xx

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