Week 15. – Phase 2. – Lots of little things….

At this point, Week 15 4 years ago we were packing up Kata Brava and about to start on a new adventure.  A post will follow on that.  Funny thing is, is that its roughly at the same time of the year to.  So have a look back at what we were doing 4 years ago. https://nomadicadventures.net/2013/05/18/week-15/  So that makes 30 weeks of solid work so far.  Wow.  We still feel we have 8-12 more weeks before KB will be somewhat finished.  However we have been prioritising and sometimes you just have to take the plunge. So we will see how much more time we get on the hard in the weeks to come.  Another idea is to just get her in the water as soon as possible and take it from there.

Sadly we still haven’t done anything to the two heads and the aft cabin, but right now they are not priority.  As soon as Morgan is happy with the engine installation we will make some progress in the forward head so that we can at least have one bathroom functional.  That will nice as the forward section of the boat with the exception of the head is all ready and clean. Its almost live-able.  Oh yes we do need plumbing and electricity as well right, although we do have parafin lights fitted throughout the interior.  Well its a good thing we are working inside now.  Hopefully things will start to get done. 

So this week we basically finished up the exterior painting of the hull.  Morgan wanted to add the boot line and paint the gunnel white.  We figured being steel the gunnel will always require work, therefore white would be the easiest color to touch up on in the future.  So Monday we spent pretty much the entire day taping up KB and protecting the red hull. It was a little nerve wrecking putting tape over our three day old paint job but it needed to get done sooner rather than later as the weather forecast for the week was for the temperatures to sore. 

Once covered up, Morgan gave the gunnel and boot line area a light sand.  Whilst he did this I went on deck and lightly sanded the small areas that required a little more of the white top coat.  If you remember we did the white top coat markings first and then mapped out the non skid.  There was just a few trims and edges that required a little more of the white top coat touch ups.  It was 17:30 in the afternoon by the time we were ready to start painting.  Morgan rolled and tipped the first coat of top coat on the gunnel and boot line whilst I did the touch – up painting on deck.  Having a little left over top coat at the end of the day Morgan also gave the swim platform a light sand and another fresh coat.

Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon saw the second and third coat of top coat on the these areas.  Then Thursday morning we took of all the taping and plastic just before the temperature got up to mid 30’s with a sweltering hot wind.  Morgan had talked about his ideas of the gunnel and boot line coming together on the stern quarters previously, but it was great to see it in real life. The hull and deck painting is now officially completed.  Just in time to as this was most definitely the hottest and dustiest week we have had so far. 

With the hull completed we also put the swim platform in place.  I gave the stainless steel support rods a light wet sand and they are looking good.  We still need to get a wooden deck for it, but for now its where it will be.


Our swim platform in place.

Early in the week I also took apart 2 of the three big hatches again.  I removed the bonding compound that basically came of in my hands and was not at all adhered to the frame.  I then cleaned this up and lightly sanded the frames and then we added bonding compound again in place.  We left this for a few days before cleaning up the excess and putting the handles back on. 

Its quite frustrating as on Saturday it rained and luckily during the day whilst we were at the yard and we could see slight leaks here and there.  At least this time we could pin point exactly where it was coming from.  A loose screw here, or loose handle there. Its quite the process and Morgan reminded me that we are dealing with a slightly rounded deck and old hatches.  Although they have been powder coated and look like new these hatches that have been manipulated before so it is natural to take a little time to get it right as much as we would like it to have been perfect from the beginning.  We’ll get there.  For the third hatch frame we are thinking the base which is connected to the deck was probably distorted slightly from when we used that opening to raise the water tank out 4 years ago.  So that might need a little more work and straightening out before we bond the hatch again.  The Master Cabin big hatch is slightly different to the other three big hatches.  We will have to add a small trim to the wooden frame so will do this at a later date.  So far all of the small hatches are fine.  We are not going to install the two on the pilot house just yet as later down the line we will like to remove the teak of the pilot house roof and re-bond it.

There’s been tons of other things happening as well. The deck grates and cupboard hatches have been cleaned and re-installed. 

Morgan has been working on the companion way hatch.  The sides of the hatch had started to split, from being exposed in the elements so whenever it rained water would penetrate through.  So this week he took of the hatch and re-fibre glassed the area’s over.  Eventually we would like to make a new hatch and doors, but for now we will make the ones that we have more efficient.

You will remember a few weeks ago we had to open up the fuel tank to dispose of the nearly 200 gallons of old fuel.  Well this week we finally got around to cleaning out the fuel tank properly.  There was just the slightest bit of sludge and fuel at the bottom of the tank.  So Morgan got in there and used the shop vac to get the last out.  I then gave the fuel tank hatch a good clean up and removed the old existing seal and replaced it with a new rubber gasket that I made from the template.  Sounds like a simple job but it took the two of us a little while to get the gasket in place without losing it in the tank.  Whilst in the process of making gaskets i also did a few for the thro holes.     

I also got the stantions and lifelines back on board and in place this week along with the mast guard rails.  Its nice to see the deck nearly all back together again. 

Morgan has been installing various items in the cockpit as well, such as the stern locker vents and the throttle lever.  Everything is a slightly different shape to what was originally there so, templates/support plates and backing plates are being made to ensure we are closing up all of the holes. 

Lots of interior cleaning has been going on this week aswell.  Its good to get started on this.  We got the port ceiling back in place in the saloon this weekend.  This side was slightly different from the Starboard side so again this was a two person job as we needed to glue the frames in place first and then screw the slightly oversize panel back in place.  

I also got the panels back in the drinks cabinet.  Yep thats right there is a very nice drinks cabinet on board.  Funnily enough there was a old wasps nest in there also. 

When we bought KB, her thro holds and vents were all open and the boat was full of wasps nest.  It wasn’t too much of a problem initially as it was winter and therefore not that many wasps.  However once spring came so did the wasps and they were not happy that we had taken over their home. 

A few times this week we have wished we had a spare pair of hands, for helping with holding or lifting etc.  Always having to rely on one another makes the process just that tad slower.  However any additional hands would most probably be at a cost to us, so for now we will struggle on slowly. However there has been some big changes at the yard recently and a new owner has taken over since the beginning of the month.  Already there is such a positive change.  The old owner of the yard was a real character, luckily we didn’t have to deal with him much, but lets just say we are happy he is no longer in charge.  Everyone seems a lot happier and friendlier now and the yard has all of a sudden become more of a pleasant place to be. 

Any spare moment Morgan got this week he has spent in the Engine room.  There’s a lot to do in there, with all the remaining parts for the installation finally with us, and the exterior painting done he is finally getting to organize himself. 

This week he has been working on the engine alignment.  Its not easy doing it on his own or at best with the two of us.  Its a big engine to manipulate up and down or side to side to inline correctly with the shaft.  With things finally in place we also had to relocate the bar holding all of the wiring from it’s location to slightly higher so that the muffler could be in the right position for the exhaust.  Lots of other parts are being temporary placed in position like the fuel filters and seawater strainer’s etc. so that he can start thinking about where to mount or run connections. Three of the four engine room sea cocks is now in place. Its now starting to become a bit of a tight squeeze in there.

This weekend he also put our new battery bank in place.  Nothings connected yet but at least that eases up some of the space in the container.

Thats all for this week.


3 thoughts on “Week 15. – Phase 2. – Lots of little things….

  1. She looks super with the white and red, and co detail witg the two meeting. Looking more and more ready, well done guys, great work!

  2. It seem like you’ll had alot of fiddly things doing and has achieved quite a bit .
    The outside looking really nice now .
    Well done to all you’ll hard work .xx

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