Week 14. – Phase 2. – All hands on deck.

This last week has been a bit of a slow one and we’ve stayed pretty much in the same areas as we did the week before.  Our mornings started of with our attention on the hull.

Monday – It was blowing like crazy with winds of 25-30 knots gusting higher.  So we lightly wet sanded the hull by hand with 220 grit sand paper.  This took us nearly 3 hours with the two of us going non stop.

Tuesday – No wind and calm so after a proper clean down and then wipe over we got the 3rd coat of top coat rolled out. 

Wednesday – We had a similar forecast with no wind and calm so after a wipe over again we got the 4th coat on. 

With the calmness unfortunately came the bugs and both days as we applied the paint they would go and stick to the hull.  Rather frustrating as once they were stock there wasn’t much we could do.

Thursday – Another full sand by hand this time using 400 grit wet sand paper to get a smoother finish.  Wow this was quite a process and took the both of us 6 hours to do.  A whole day of sanding and we were pretty exhausted.

Friday – Windy again, but with a pretty smooth hull we got her washed down and applied the 5th and hopefully final coat of top coat.  Its takes us exactly a hour and 20 minutes to apply the topcoat.  Once we start we can’t stop.  Rolling and tipping. 

Unfortunately on the final application there was quite a bit of dust in the air that consequently you can see on the hull however I think we have both decided that this is it. 

The pile of sand that was unloaded from the ship is still there in front of us and daily trucks are slowly taking it away, however it could be weeks before its all gone.  We figured in our currently location there will always be something that will prevent the perfect finish, to windy, to hot, to wet, to buggy or to dusty. 

Unless you inspect the hull up closely its is looking pretty good and shiny.  Its definitely not bad for a pair of amateurs like ourselves. The vivid red is a striking color and have come out even brighter with each application. 

This week one of the workers from the docks shouted to us and said its looking good and that we were doing a great job.  Its definitely nice to get compliments like that.

Unfortunately we’ve taken a slight step backwards this week also which is a little frustrating.  The three big hatches we installed last week all have a slight leak and it would appear that they don’t have sufficient bonding compound under the plexi.  So these will need to be done again. 

Our afternoons have been spent on the deck again.  We’re slowly getting all the deck hardware back in place, the windless, the chain lock, the winches, the cleats, the tracks, cockpit hatch hinges and the helm station rail.  Everything seems to take double the time it took to remove.  With the prep before and a clean up after the days are flying by.

With the deck tracks back on I have also started the process inside of putting back the ceilings in the Saloon, midship cabin and galley.  All of these areas are getting a good clean up in the process.

In between all of this Morgan has been putting the steering system back together.  Will have photos of this next week.

This week we also received our sail order from www.zoomsails.com.  Zoom Sails is owned and operated by our friends in Langkawi Malaysia Phil and Astrid.  We met Phil and Astrid last year whilst we were in that part of the world. Phil owned a sail loft in New Zealand for over 10 years. The sails are designed by Phil and manufactured in Sri Lanka.   So we now have a great sail package from ‘Zoom Sails’.


Our sails have arrived from Zoom Sails. 

Thats our week.  A bit slow but moving in the right direction.  Stay with us.


6 thoughts on “Week 14. – Phase 2. – All hands on deck.

  1. The red looks fantastic! Those reflections! I’ll get you to explain the rolling and tipping method one day… hope you have the red dust out from under your fingernails. I enjoy the updates each week – you taking the time to prepare them is much appreciated from this side of the world… hi to both of you.

    • Hello Joel, Thank you for your comment, its great to hear from you to. Yes the red is striking. We love it. She’s going to stick out for sure. 🙂 Yes the red dust seems to come of easier than the blue, luckily. Its nice to be past that stage now though. Moving on to the interior soon hopefully. Love to you and the family. x

  2. Well… it’s magnifiiiiic, KB, thanks to you and Morgan, she’s dressed like a beautiful lady !!!!!
    Hummmm! I’m looking forward to seeing KB in the water…
    Good courage and I know you have it for the work that remains to be done … 🙂 😉 🙂

    • Thank you Jacqueline, we can’t wait either although we are still quite a few weeks away from that at present. We are both a little tired now, and need a few days of down time before we attack again. Lots of Love x

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