Week 13. – Phase 2. – Vivid Red.

This week is going to be short as we have concentrated our efforts in three areas, well perhaps four.  However there’s lots of photos to show you whats been happening.

Monday was a complete wash out….literally as we had quite strong rain here in Charleston.  The saying ‘it never rains unless its pours’ seems definitely true for this part as we even had flood warnings.  So we didn’t have a productive day physically, instead we ran around trying to get some paper work sorted.  We are currently looking at registering Kata Brava in St Helena.  Whether it will happen we will see, but its a lot of paper work that the British Registry requires, so we’ve spent a fair amount of time this week trying to get on top of this. 

The deck – We continued our efforts this week on the deck.  After Mondays down pour we could finally concentrate on the remaining of the taping up and plastic protection as we prepped to get the non skid areas done.  The tape had held up during the down pour, however the area’s of white needed to be protected with plastic.  By the end of Tuesday afternoon we applied our first fresh coat of primer to the areas that will be non skid. 

After a complete wipe down on Wednesday the first top coat was applied and immediately as we did this Morgan also sprinkled a layer of non skid particles over the paint. 

The following day I gave the deck a light sweep to get rid of any of the loose particles and then a second coat of top coat was applied on top of this.  We mixed the shade of grey ourselves using a white and black interlux perfection paint.  So the deck has changed Colors three times this week, from a dark grey primer, to a white top coat and then finally the finished product, grey. 

We waited two days before removing all of the tape and protection.  This weekend our deck was revealed and its looking very nice.  We are super please with the outcome.  All those hours of taping up has definitely paid of and the rounded edges gives a great finish.

Hatches – With all the painting happening this week, there was a few days where we ended up coming home early, and when I say early I mean by 6pm or just after as appose to the normal 8pm or later.  As there wasn’t much we could do with fresh paint everywhere, we wanted to get the hatches finished.  You might say we are spending a lot of time on the hatches but its honestly amazing how much time it takes to assemble them all.  Once we had bonded the plexi in the frames all the parts had to be fitted.  You would never believe how many parts there is to a hatch, so if you don’t need to, don’t take them apart.

However its all been worth it as with the deck completed this weekend we started to install the hatches.  Wow what a change it makes.  All of a sudden Kata Brava is looking like a yacht again and no longer like a project.  For sure there is still tons to do however its made a significant difference.  Its great to walk in the boat and have day light streaming in as appose to having to remove the wooden fibre glasses covers we had made.  By the end of the weekend we had installed seven out of the eleven hatches.  I also gave the dorade boxes a final coat of top coat and got them back on deck as well.  Our existing cowl’s are a little weather beaten so we’re look at getting new ones over the next few weeks.  Its coming together and its looking great.

The hull – Mid week we decided to take the plunge and after a good wipe down we applied the first coat of top coat on the hull.  We used the rolling and tipping method to apply it. It was a little stressful and it took a while before we could find the rhythm on our nicely sanded smooth hull.  Coupled with the heat and slight breeze we had, the first coat was not easy.  As soon as we did it, I was slightly gutted as the colors of the filler and different shades of paint beneath showed up quite well under the top coat.  Morgan reassured me that with coats this wouldn’t be a problem.  So the following day after a light sand and a wipe down we applied the second coat.  Hmmmm again the colors was still quite prominent. After a sleepless night and a slight confrontation we agreed we needed the hull to be uniformed.  So we lightly sanded the second coat of top coat and then applied a coat of primer again.  So we were back to full grey and back to square one. 


Back to primer and back to square one.

Its funny how the difference in color changes the way we saw Kata Brava.  Grey gave her such a cold feel, where as her new color makes her seem more alive.

This weekend we lightly sanded the primer and started again.  We got two coats of top coat on.  We will probably need to apply a few more coats before its finished but we are happy with the color.  We are finally getting a technique to apply it, its not all easy out in the yard battling the sun, wind, dust and bugs but we’re hoping that by the 4th coat it will be looking good.  Its not as smooth or as shiny as the original coat, and we’re guessing that this is because of the grey primer and less sanding in between, however we’ll get there.  Kata Brave is now a beautiful vivid red 🙂


10 thoughts on “Week 13. – Phase 2. – Vivid Red.

  1. Oh my oh my! What a work you have been doing!! KB looks soooooo beautiful, fresh, great!! And those hatches, they look brand new!
    Hold on, and do not let fatigue hinder your good mood. Ok, ok, I understand that a bit of quarreling makes life spicier, isn’t it? However, remeber to give each other a kiss before going to bed.
    A big hug to both of you and keep going!

  2. I knew it , I knew it , I knew it… I said it was going to be Red!
    She is looking damn sexy now.. Very nice indeed!
    The light in that tunnel just got bigger again.
    Love ya work

    • Ha ha Thank you Steve O. I think a few of you guessed correctly. We’re definitely not blue or white people so red was the perfect fit. She’s brightened up the yard for sure 🙂

  3. BEAUTIFUL, really gorgeous, I love the red, very pretty, lively and racy! Deck looks great too, well done you guys, definitely give yourself a pat on the shoulder. Xo

    • Thank you, yes its a beautiful red. Its amazing how many shades of red there is out there, but we both kept coming back to the Vivid. We like it thats for sure….its lively like you said 🙂 x

  4. Hi Cheryl and Morgan I bet you both be glad when all the priming and painting are done .
    Well done to your hard work and looking forward to this weeks update . Are KB going to stay that colour .She are looking beautiful .😀Xx

  5. Wouah! KB looks beautiful now… after all these layers of paint, this is very good
    You did a good job on the deck as well, I love it ! you must put advert “no shoes on board” 😉
    You must be proud… Youpy !!!!! well done for all that job !!!! 🙂

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