Week 12. – Phase 2. – Another tedious one.

This week has been tough and tedious.  The ship that had arrived on Sunday was in until Friday morning.  From the time they arrived up until they departed it was a flurry of activity with 4 trucks constantly running from the ship to directly in front of us and dumping their cargo.  It looked like sand, but after the third day I managed to ask one of the workers what it was and he informed me it was a material to make cement.  Anyway they made an impressive mound of (sand like)material directly in front of KB.  Any hopes of doing any painting was pushed to the side. No way would we even consider it with the dust that surrounded us.  Now its slowly being trucked away but from what I understood this could take weeks to happen.  Just great. 

I don’t think one could ever imagine how much work it is to get a hull looking smooth and ready for painting.  Its been another tedious long week where Morgan has spent a good chunk of the days sanding down the hull, gunnel and transom.  Just when he thinks he’s nearly there an imperfection pops up or he sands to hard to the metal.  Then he has to apply primer and or filler to the area and start the process again.  This week he also gave in and used Awlquik which is a quick drying, medium build (slightly thicker), easy sanding, two component epoxy primer/surfacer on the main areas he was concerned with. He had been avoiding using Awlquik and was only trying to use the 545 primer in order to skip a step.  It didn’t help that mid week we had a few days of thunderstorms.  Frustrations were growing.  We had already spent a week or so more than we had anticipated doing this job. 



Lots of time spent on the hull again this week.

Finally by the weekend he was happy with the results. I had a look around the hull today and she’s as smooth as she will ever be.  Today Sunday would have been the perfect day for a coat of top coat, however, the forecast for the next twenty four hours or more is for thunderstorms yet again.   We will just have to be patient and trust that the perfect day will come.

With the rain came the process of closing up all the holes on deck and the openings that we had purposely made for the painting process the week before.  Another long job but we figure it was best to cover everything with plastic and tape to avoid getting any water in the boat.  So far it seems to have worked. 

In between working on the hull, transom and gunnel Morgan has also been sanding down the polls and the platform.  By the end of the week three coats of top coat was applied and they are looking great.   The cockpit locker hatches and trims have also been lightly sanded and a few topcoats applied.  These items are now completed.  Its good to finally put some ticks in the box.

Whilst he spent time on this I cleaned the stantions and mast guard rails.  These had been plastered with old paint, filler and our recent paint, plus grinding grit.  So with them of the boat I decided to give these a good clean.  Scraping the paint and filler off them and lightly wet sanding them down with various very super fine grades of sandpaper.  Its made quite a significant difference.  I also tackled the port lights in the same way.  These hadn’t been cleaned for years, so I gave them a good wash, and light sand also.  Everything is now nice and shiny.

One afternoon we had to finish early due to thunderstorms so we came home and decided to tackle the hatches that we had bought home with us a few weeks back.  These required assembling.  Now you might think thats pretty straight forward, and once you get the technique it is.  However once again its a fairly long and tedious process of preparation.  We focus our efforts first on the smaller hatches.  We have seven of them.  We started the process at 5:30 in the afternoon and finally only finished after midnight and that was only bonding the plexy into the hatch frame.  We still have to complete the seal on the top of the hatch.  I will let the pictures tell the process.

Well that taught us not to start a job like that in the evening, so during the week I stayed home a full day and prepped the small hatches for the top seal and also prepped three out of four big hatches for bonding. 

At the end of the week with the ships work finish and less dust being uprooted I gave the interior of Kata Brava a good clean and Morgan also gave her a well deserved pressure wash down.  The week before we had all the hatch openings open whilst we had primed, sanded, cleaned and then top coated.  So inside was a thin layer of sanding dust everywhere.  The deck was literally brown from the dust that we had been engulfed in all week. 

With everything nice and clean we moved back on deck once more and started to map out the areas that we will be applying the non skid, or more specifically taping up the areas that will remain white that we had marked out last week.  Wow what a process. 

In order to make it look good we have rounded all the edges.  The two of us together have spent about two full days doing this.  Monday is suppose to be a wash out with weather, but we figured at least the deck will be nearly ready for when the weather is good again. 

Fingers cross for a good week a head.


9 thoughts on “Week 12. – Phase 2. – Another tedious one.

  1. Because of that ship dumping their cargo, you have not made the week’s plan !
    Nevertheless, you have made good progress in your work… Well done !!!!!
    Colors of the deck is beautiful like this 😉

  2. Considering all the frustration you have had with a certain ships cargo…..KB is looking fabulous. Just think…this time next year…this will just be a distant memory 🙂 Hang in there guys…the sun will soon be shining xxx

  3. Damn it…. I knew I should have taken those shares in the Blue Masking Tape Co. 🙂
    Thats alot of taping…Big job.
    Looking great!!

    • Ha ha you would have done pretty well for sure. We went bought 6 rolls before we started this last week and had to go get more yesterday, we have used a ton before this. Its amazing how many we have used. Perhaps one day when we really have nothing to do we will have to tally up those numbers on all the receipts we have. Yikes. 🙂

  4. How annoying with that ship coming in and making all that dust .But I’m sure you were happy what you’ll had achieve by the end of the week .its looking good by the photo’s x

  5. You guys are doing great, it will all be worth it in the end. So much sanding, cleaning and prep work. And a massive deck, wow, you coukd have a yoga class there! Very excited to see the hull colour…

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