Week 11. – Phase 2. – All hands on deck.

This week its been all about the deck.  We pretty much haven’t even been inside Kata Brava.  You might be wondering why we are spending all our time outside when there is so much to do inside as well.  Well the simple answer to that is that the weather is almost perfect at the moment. 


Weather forecast.


We have noticed the last few weeks have been warmer and warmer with pretty much no cold days.  It would seem that Winter is definitely behind us.  However we’ve skipped Spring at the moment and gone straight to Summer.  So we are taking advantage of this good weather window.  There’s also very little to no wind at the moment and very few bugs.  One thing we noticed a few weeks back when we had a few calm days was that the local nats, which is like a very small fly came out in force.  Not only do they come out in a abundance and could potentially stick to wet paint, they also bite like crazy.  Think of a tiny mosquito on steroids, this little bug as tiny as it might be make grown men dance.  So we’re getting in as much external painting done as we can before it gets too hot.

All our days this week have started off with a wipe down of the deck.  With the high temperatures during the day and the approximate 10 degree drop at night by morning the deck is wet with dew.

Monday – Morgan finished of priming the forward section of the deck with grey primer.  We’re currently mapping out the area’s that will be painted and the areas that will be non skid. He had ran out of primer the night before.  Whilst he did this I started preparing the hatch openings for painting, removing the rubber seals we had installed 4 years ago, and scraping and sanding down the rim.  We also removed all of the temporary wood and port light openings in preparation for painting and the cockpit locker hatches and trims.  All the stantion’s and mast guard rails were removed as well.  So the deck was completely cleared.  That afternoon we primed the cockpit area and around the hatches.


He also started filling the areas around the hull, transom and waterline that showed any imperfections.  With the complete grey primer the few imperfections that there was is showing up better.  So our nice looking grey hull took on a few spots of pink again.


Sealing the holding tank. 

Tuesday – Whilst we waited for the deck to dry of properly after wipe down, I cleaned and then wash primed the cockpit locker hatches and trims.  Whilst I did this Morgan started to fiberglass the surrounding of the holding tank. Although we had poured expanding foam in between the tank and the keel walls in order to close any gaps and prevent water from sitting in the bottom of the pit it was now time to seal the tank in place. So Morgan fiberglassed over the foam to ensure that it stays sealed.  Its looking good.  We will have pics of this in a later post.


That afternoon we gave the complete deck non non-skid area’s a second coat of white primer.  To give you an idea of the time frame for this job, this took the two of us over 5 hours to complete, priming pretty much non stop.


Wednesday – I hated Wednesday.  Just when I think the big sanding is done, Morgan tells me we now have to lightly sand all the areas we have primed the days before by hand.  Oh boy.  That really was a long hot hard day of sanding.  It took us all day to do, and then over an hour or more to sweep up the sanding dust and then wipe down the entire deck.  You don’t realize the size of the deck until you have to do a job like this.

At the end of the afternoon we primed the cockpit locker hatches and trims and stern poles.


Thursday – Another wipe down of the deck, then a sweep, followed by another wipe down with solvent.  Two hours after starting this process we started applying the white top coat on the marked areas from the bow working our way back.  We had to work closely together in order to get a nice finish.  So I applied the initial paint under the rims of the gunnel and over the areas with a roller and paint brush and Morgan followed behind me brushing out the areas with a paint brush.  So basically using the rolling and tipping method.

We ran out of top coat by the Pilot house two hours later just in time for when the deck was getting unbearably hot.  We were bare foot at this stage as the ground surrounding the boat is covered in small grit, stones and a fine black sand blasting dust, so we didn’t want to get any of that on our deck.

Whilst we waited for the sun to drop a bit I started cleaning the port lights that are completely plastered in a silicone base product and Morgan drove around getting our deck bolt order in.  That afternoon we completed the rest of the deck, pilot house and cockpit with top coat.  Again it took us both working together just over 3 hours.  So another five hours in total to complete the entire area.  However its looking great. 

Another little pest that’s come with the warmer weather here is the small clover mites.  They are tiny red bugs that are completely harmless to humans and materials, however they are everywhere.  Try applying white paint when you have little red bugs everywhere.

Friday – After the usual wipe down of the deck, Morgan gave the pilot house a light sand and then a wipe down with solvent. 

Then we repeated the process with a second coat of top coat on the entire deck.  This time we were quicker and managed to complete the entire deck, pilot house and cockpit in just over 4 hours.  Again working together using the rolling and tipping method. 


There was a few tears in the cockpit that we missed the night before from the fading light as we finished just before 8pm. However overall we were happy with the outcome.  Its hard to see on the photos the results but we are happy with it.  Its not bad for amateurs like us.   It was a good practice run for when we do the hulls.

Morgan spent the entire weekend lightly sanding down the hulls again and priming and filling the areas of imperfections.  Its a long and tedious process that we hope will soon end.  Its crazy cause these two photos doesn’t do justice for the amount of hours he has worked on this.  Once again our nice looking hull is spotty again.

Morgan’s pretty much been working seven days a week for the last seven weeks.  I normally work six days and spend my seventh day, mainly a sunday catching up on the cleaning, laundry and cooking for the week.  Our days are long and we have been finishing work at the yard anything from 7-8pm at night.  So on Sundays I make a few big meals so that through the week we can come home, shower and just eat before fatigue hits us and we go to bed and start over again.  Its going to be all worth it in the end right?

Just when we think we can push on with more painting in this week to come a ship arrives in port today Sunday and theres a flurry of activity directly in front of us.  Trucks and trucks of sand are being dumped in that area meters away from KB’s bow. $#@^&*!&*# 😦  We are really in the crappiest location possible.

Our parts are coming in fast now.  We’re getting as much in as possible.  Our entire electronic package, battery bank and even our staysail furler which will be replacing our current hank on set up.  This week we also got our shaft lock from Shaft Lok Inc.  In our package was a little gift for Morgan.

Its moments like these that makes us smile.  Thank you to all those that have been helping us get in what we need in a timely manner and with great discounts all the way from Malaysia 😉 Its good to have friends in the right places.   A full list of suppliers will be provided in a later post.

For those of you that are following us by email, do take the moment to check out our site. The layout you see in the email differ’s slightly than our actual blog.

So thats it for now, keep your fingers cross for us for a good week ahead.


6 thoughts on “Week 11. – Phase 2. – All hands on deck.

  1. I know its only primer, but its getting closer and closer to its ‘Real’ look and its really starting to look good guys! Great work, keep it up….Cool hat Bor by the way!

  2. First of all, I love the picture above this post week 11… You have done a beautiful job this week… I know it’s hard but surely the end is coming soon… Good luck !
    Nice cap Morgan !

  3. love the photo’s a good progress again this week .hope the weather will stay in your favour to get all the painting done .But end of of April should be looking good xx.

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