Week 10. – Phase 2. – Changing colours.

Wow what a week it has been.  If I thought last week was repetitive, then this week has been even more so.  However the difference is that this week I can actually see what all that fairing, sanding and priming was for.  Finally I am seeing results and Kata Brava is taking shape.

Morgan has spent hours and hours this week fairing, sanding and priming the entire exterior of Kata Brava.  From the hull’s to the gunnels, to the waterline and the transom.  He has done it all repeatedly.  Its like an obsession, but I am now also starting to get in on it. 

Whilst he did this i finished of the bilges and aft Starboard cabin.  Giving the areas a coat of primer following a day later with a grey top coat.  All these area’s are now looking clean and shiny.  Completed for the painting.

We finally also got the proper paint for our aluminium plates and brackets belonging to the refrigeration unit.  So I gave all these parts a quick clean again and started the process of first wash priming, priming and then top coating.   The actual unit parts was spray painted a metallic blue.  Now we just need to fix this puzzle back together again and hope it all works. 

When ever there was a spare moment we tackled the Pilot house and Pedestal, sanding them both down.  The paint on these were applied thick and probably the original so it was pretty tough getting of.  We spent full days plus some sanding these areas down to a smooth finish.  Once we were happy with it we applied wash primer to the areas of bare stainless and then a coat of primer.  The Pilot House and Pedestal on Kata Brava is made out of stainless steel.

Mid week we had a severe weather warning and tornado watch so we spent a little time getting Kata Brava secured with all her wooden hatch’s batten down and covered ready for the extensive rain forecasted.  Luckily all went well. This wet night was followed with two days of quite strong winds, making it a little more challenging to sand and paint.  However we pushed on.

When we purchased Kata Brava her fuel tanks were over half full with fuel.  This fuel is now at least over 10 years old.  So on Friday we got a company come to Kata Brava to remove this.  The last thing we needed for our new engine was old fuel, so as much as it made us cringe to know we were getting rid of this fuel, it had to be done.  Nearly 200 gallons or 800 litres were pumped out of the tank.

In readiness for getting the deck hardware re-installed, Morgan gave the tracks a little cleaning with the wire wheel.  We had tried to find new tracks, but this is proving very difficult right now.  So we will make do with the ones we have until new ones are found. With the tracks cleaned I applied a coat of wash primer to them.

We’re getting closer on the exterior.  Lots and lots of painting happening right now. Morgan started the priming of the deck this weekend also.

Over the weekend after more sanding and lots of prep Morgan applied two coats of primer to Kata Brava’s hull and transom.  Wow what a new look.  It was hard for him to see the imperfections with the blue and white so now with everything grey it will make the final touches easier.  

 She’s taking on a new look for sure. What do you think??


14 thoughts on “Week 10. – Phase 2. – Changing colours.

  1. Oh wowowow! She lloks so beautiful in grey!! Perhaps a good idea for the final color…? I love blue hulls, but it is hard to keep them in good order, and it makes to boat warm as well. Henceforth the white that so often is used. But…what’s about a soft, light shade of grey?? Anyhow KB is really getting ready for her gala presentation!! Well done guys! Bravo! Cannot wait to see the next stage. Oh, and careful with those hurricanes! This sounds like a nightmare to me, used to good old Med…

  2. Looking great, such good progress, well done guys. Crazy about the fuel, but totally understandable why you wanted it done

  3. Wow!! Looking great! It must feel good to get that primer on. Its a definite mile stone. With that done you should be able to see a little light glimmering at the end of the tunnel.
    Love your work
    love your posts
    Keep it up

  4. Wow! Looks silver on my phone, not grey… have you thought of painting it silver or grey permanently? All the hard work paying off …

  5. Well well what a new look . Well done to youll hard week this week again .I feel like going for a ride already .She look quite big there . What’s her Size xx

  6. Thank you all for the wonderful and encouraging comments. We definitely took a little step forward this last week. There is still lots and lots to do, but we are getting there slowly. Any guess’s to what colour we will be going with??? No its not grey and we think Kata Brava needs a change from Blue to 🙂 . We have good weather forecast for this week so fingers cross we will make good progress again. Best of Wishes C&M

  7. It’s really a good job that you have done …. I will say a very good job !!!! Congratulations and I know you have more to do … KT has a nice looking everyday… well done !

  8. Hello Cheryl and Morgan – finally catching up on all your news and amazing progress. With all that sanding you both must have biceps the size of melons! So many great steps forward- do not undersell yourselves, you are doing so much! I have a feeling I know the colour…

    • Thank you Tanya, great to know you have seen what we are up to. Hopefully all the big sanding is nearly behind us now. Just the hulls again :-). Hmmm what colour are you thinking?

      • Well, I was thinking of your favourite colours Cheryl, so eliminating blue, cause I figured you’d probably had enough of that colour…..I wonder if the new colour is

  9. Will it be…Red??
    It must be great to get to the ‘painting’ stage. Does it smell like a new boat now with all the pain going in? I love how your taking loads of photo’s, will be nice to look back on when your sipping Margarita’s in paradise soon….

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