Week 9. – Phase 2. – Fairing, sanding, priming….Repeat.

This weeks update is going to be short as we’ve done a lot of repetitive work.  However Morgan keeps telling me that this is what needs to be done to do things properly.  I really think working on other peoples yachts have made him a bit of a perfectionist. I just want to get Kata Brava painted and looking half decent again. 

Our week started of with a visit from a local surveyor.  We are currently looking into the possibility of getting KB registered under the UK registry, specifically St Helena Island where I am from.  However its not quite as straight forward as one might think and there is a fair amount of documentation required.  One such document being a ‘Tonnage Survey Certificate’.  However there doesn’t appear to be any local surveyors around who are qualified to provide this certificate. So with the help of a retired UK surveyor friend we got a local surveyor here to do the required measurements under the instructions of another UK surveyor.  The UK surveyor will them provide the Tonnage survey certificate.  Hmmmmm I told you it was a bit complicated.

Morgan’s been tinkering with the engine all week.  The spacers are now in place, just awaiting the required bolt order to arrive.  He’s also waiting on the muffler, gear and throttle control cables and various other items to complete this puzzle.

Monday afternoon we finished of sanding the rest of the port hull.  Wow this was a tough one and probably the hardest section we have sanded. Either that or our arms are getting tired from all the hull sanding.  So now the entire boat topsides are sanded down.  This time i kept all the used sanding disc’s and yep this side we used exactly 70.  We do look a sight after these sessions for sure.

Whilst Morgan continuously worked on the gunnel and topsides I started checking the bilges.  The area’s that were spotless I gave a coat of top coat grey paint.  However there was one or two spots that needed a little extra attention.  In order to eliminate any problems further down the line, any areas showing the slightest signs of rust through the primer was chipped back, cleaned and ospho applied. 


Top coating sections of the bilge.

There was a section of the bilge under the galley area that wasn’t at all accessible previously.  So we made the decision to cut out a piece of the cabinetry under the ice machine to access this area.  We then awkwardly chipped, wire wheeled and cleaned this area and applied ospho. Ospho is a rust inhibitor coating.  We left this for a few days to dry out properly. 

Mid week we also took the measurements for our sail order.  Although we had Kata Brava’s old sail measurements, the sail maker required rig measurements as well.  So this process has started.

Thursday we had an unexpected day of non stop rain.  Initially the forecast showed a few light showers in the morning which was perfect as we wanted to pressure wash the deck and top sides to rid the boat of all the blue paint dust.  However it didn’t let up.  In between showers we took the measurements for the waterline.  Basically measuring the waterline to the gunnel from various points on each side of the hull. 


Having tea whilst pouring the last of the foam into the holding tank pit.

Having to work inside, Morgan finished of filling the holding tank pit with the last of the liquid foam.  We had to order an additional batch to fill the last of the forward section.

He spent the rest of the day in the engine room whilst I gave the aft stbd cabin and head a good clean out once again.  Unfortunately the week before in the aft cabin when removing some of the wooden frames from around the port lights we found a rusted spot that broke through into the cockpit. Jimmy spot welded this area before he left.  With any welding inside, there is always a trail of dust.

Whilst Morgan continuously faired, sanded and primed the gunnel and the hulls throughout the week I spent two days giving the entire deck a light sand.  Any spots that went through to the metal was then cleaned and primed. 

Lastly this week the transom and stern poles were sanded and primed once again. 

Its been a bit of a boring and repetitive week.  Lots and lots of fairing, sanding and priming.  Fingers cross we will move on from this stage soon. 

But here she is almost ready to take on a new look.

Stay with us.


4 thoughts on “Week 9. – Phase 2. – Fairing, sanding, priming….Repeat.

  1. Hello,
    I was going to say ‘ morgan’s not working but drinking tea’…But then saw thats what you said in the photo description! ha ha…Bow thats a lot of sanding, you feeling a little ‘blue’ at all?? Good on you cheryl, I HATE sanding….So morgan, I bet you cant wait to start the engine once its all in place, but gonna have to wait untill its in the water, right?
    So your going to be able to register is in St-Helena after all? Exiting…Oh and I kinda like the spotted blue sanded look…Bon courage guys…

  2. Bet you both be glad when sanding and priming jobs are done .Alot of hard work .Hope the jobs will start to come easier soon xx

  3. You had as you said Cheryl a repetitive week but you will see the results later and that job must be done now… and certainly it’s a bit hard but so comfortable after… great job ! I understand that Morgan became a bit “perfectionist” after all jobs on other boats and you too… no! ah!ah!ah! 🙂

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