Week 8. Phase 2. Vroom Vroom.

With the better weather conditions this last week its been a pretty busy one.  We have knocked out a lot of little jobs and reached some major mile stones. 

Monday – Morgan and Jimmy worked on some more metal work. You might think why are we doing welding when there’s lots of other things to do, well the logic behind that is that once the welding is out of the way we can start all of the painting jobs we have. 

So firstly they worked on the swim platform.  Morgan wanted to add a ladder to the platform to make it easier to get out of the water plus support rods were fitted.  He used the stern ladder that was there previously and made some modifications to it and fabricated a bracket on the platform for it to slide up and down.  Its going to look good. 

He also worked on the alternator bracket and various other little jobs that needed the final touches.


Whilst he did that I applied a top coat of paint to the stern locker.  Finally getting out of the toxic primer stage painting felt good.  To make the stern locker uniformed with the cockpit locker we did the top section white to give it a cleaner brighter look.  This took me quite a few hours as it required all the stringers to be done and the ceiling as well.

Tuesday – Unfortunately we took a small step backwards. After the stern tube had been welded into place on Sunday Morgan queried the space between the shaft and the stern tube with the suppliers of the Engine.  He felt it was too little.  The 2mm gap between the stern tube and the shaft was indeed not enough space.  So this needed to be done again.  The recommendations was for a 5mm clearance on each side of the shaft.  So the tube was cut out and a new tube was bought and welded into place.

The swim platform ladder was completed on Tuesday. 


Top coat applied.

Whilst this was happening I moved into the cockpit locker and applied a top coat of white paint in there.  The new Engine exhaust run’s through this locker so welding work had taken place in here.  I also painted the wall boards so this area is now completed and nice and clean again.

At the end of the afternoon Morgan sanded down the gunnel and then mixed us a batch of primer.  Together we primed the stern poles, transom, swim platform frame and the gunnel.

Wednesday we both dedicated our efforts in the Engine room compartment.  We wanted to give this area a good clean down.  We cleaned from top to bottom.  I decided to take all the wiring out of the cable ties and give all of it a good wipe down. Its amazing how everything was brown and covered in a layer of dust and engine grime.  I preferred to make the mess now rather than later when space inside there was restricted.  After a few hours the difference was quite noticeable.

Morgan cleaned the generator which was also covered in a layer of dust.  In the engine room on each side there is a steel tank welded in place.  One tank use to have fuel in and the other had water.  A few days earlier Morgan had opened these tanks up.  So he also gave them both a good clean, again in their position with only a small hatch on the top this wasn’t an easy job.  He chipped and treated any of the steel that required treating.

With everything cleaned and ready it was time to get the holding tank in.  Yay it fits.  Morgan had drawn up the measurements taking into account not only the size of the pit, but also the size of the companion way opening.  We had to keep the tank on a slant to get it down into the Pilot house.  If you go back to 4 years ago you will see that we had to cut the original stainless tank into two to get it out of the pilot house.  We didn’t want to have to do that again. https://nomadicadventures.net/2013/04/28/week-12/

I’ll let the photos show the process. 

At the end of the afternoon with the tank in place Morgan started adding the Urethane expanding foam between the tank and the pit.  This will seal any gaps and prevent water from getting in and settling in the bottom of the pit where it can’t be reached. It’s a two part product that needed to be mixed together and then stirred for 20 seconds before poured into the opened space.  Three cheers for the Poop tank 🙂

Before close of day we added a second coat of primer to the stern poles, transom, swim platform and gunnel. 

Thursday Morgan started the fairing process on the transom and starboard side of the gunnel, and starboard hull. Just when I think everything looks great grey he adds a touch of pink. 

In preparation for getting the engine in through our companion way, we had to take of a few parts.


Taking the engine apart.

 I added the final coat of grey top coat on the bottom section of the stern locker.  This area is now completed from painting.

With the holding tank in place we finished the day with giving the engine compartment another full coat of primer. 

Friday was the big day.  Our Cummins 150 HP engine went into Kata Brava.  What a good feeling.  The whole process ran fairly smoothly and although it was a tight fit and took quite a bit of man power it all went well.  Jimmy and one of his sons came to the boat as well just incase we needed any welding adjustments.  Luckily we didn’t need any.

In order to get the proper alignment Morgan needed to make a few big steel spacers to raise the engine slightly.  Its easier to have to raise it than to have to cut the engine beds down. 

That afternoon we worked on various jobs.  I unwrapped the pedestal and started prepping it for sanding.

Saturday we sanded down just over half of the port hull.  Again this took over 4 hours and lots of effort. Someone recently asked if we do this by hand.  Well we do but we use small sanders.  We even have a his and hers 😉 . I definitely will have a different respect for those guys who spend their days sanding down hulls. 

That afternoon Morgan used the wire wheel on the spider web spots, treated the metal and then primed the areas.   Today Sunday he added another coat of primer to these areas. 

The engine spacers are now all made and drying after their first coat of primer.  By Sunday evening the engine is all back together again.  Now the installation process will begin.


Powder coated hatches and deck cleats.

This last week we’ve started to receive our plumbing, electrical and electronic orders. 

We also received back the pilot house hatches that we sent for powder coating along with 4 deck cleats. 

Now we just need the time to start installing everything.

So there you have it.  Its been a pretty full on productive week.  We’ve done lots and lots of painting and there’s been a few little mishaps along the way.


Wind+Carrying paint=covered in paint.

However we’ve taken a few good steps this week. 

Stay with us and do leave a comment.  We need all the encouragement we can get.


9 thoughts on “Week 8. Phase 2. Vroom Vroom.

  1. Hi guys
    Looking good!
    This may have been in an earlier post before I joined – do you have a possible launch timetable? I thought I saw a few references to being squeezed for time…
    Aghhh… painting… a joyless task until it’s finished…!
    Love the details and blog…can’t wait to see the boat in Tassie when you get here..

    • Hey Joel, We can’t wait to be in Tassie to….one day for sure. We had hoped to launch in the next 2 months or so. Will see. We have lots to do in the mean time as you can see. So pushing hard. Love to you all. x

  2. very impressive guys… looking great!
    My internet has been unreliable for the last couple of weeks and you have progressed incredibly well in that time.You guys should be very proud of yourselves
    For now I say Bon Courage but before you know it , it will be Bon Voyage…
    Keep up the good work
    And keep up with the posts , they are awesome.

    • Thanks Steven, glad to see you following us and good to know that you can see progress. Its gets a little foggy here at times and I do lose sight of that so its good to hear from someone on the outside. We like you optimism, stay tune x

  3. I like the ‘his and hers’ Sanders…
    Sounds like Jimmy is a real nice person, you should get photo’s of these people your talking to us about often, to put a face on the name!

    • Jimmy is in the photos of the engine Installation. Him and his son was there to help Morgan and incase there was any welding work required immediately. He’s the one with the blue cap and his son is sitting on the steps. 🙂

  4. I am late for this publication… Great job Morgan and Cheryl… engine is beautiful… I am afraid of all that cables, wouah! 😉 … Yep, a good cup of tea in your engine room Morgan that’s is good for carry on… and always with the smile ❤

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