Week 7. – Phase 2. – A cold one.

This last week has been a cold one.  Last Monday the temperature dropped by about 20 degrees from the week before and continued to plummet for the rest of the week.  We’ve always said we prefer to work in the cold than the heat, but there is such a thing as too cold and last week was just that.  By the end of the week we were seeing minus 1 degrees with a thin layer of frost on our car and on the deck of KB.  This drastic change in temperature definitely tampered with our progress as very little painting or fairing could be done and outside work was limited. 

So we had another frustratingly slow week. 


Construction and lots of dust.

It had been a few weeks since I had given the interior of KB a good clean so first thing on Monday I tackled this and gave all of the surfaces a hoover through and then a wipe down with vinegar and water.  Its amazing how much dust and dirt seems to get into the boat.  We only open up the area’s where we are working, but in our current location its pretty dusty.  There is a area of KB’s bow that has some sort of construction going on.  Well they seem to be digging up dirt a lot. 

Whilst I did this Morgan sanded down the forward head again.  He’s currently building this area up with layers of epoxy.  Unfortunately because of the temperature we didn’t apply any more epoxy this week. He moved from that head into the aft head and started measuring of the wooden frames that will hold the panels.  We are slowly working on both heads with our main focus on the fwd head.

Tuesday we had a special delivery.  Our new engine arrived.  Its a beauty.  We now have a Cummins 150 Hp ready to go into KB.  Yay.  Unfortunately the shaft and prop only arrived at the end of the week so no work on the engine could happen straight away.


Cummins 150HP.

On Tuesday afternoon the temperature got into the double digits and I managed to get another coat of primer into the aft head, cockpit locker and stern locker.  Whilst I did this Morgan started working on the topsides and along the outside of the gunnel area.  There was quite a bit of pitting in many areas and I had treated this a week or so earlier.  He applied a coat of fairing compound to even the surfaces out. 

Wednesday with a stiff cold breeze we stayed indoors all day again.  I started taking of the nuts from the tracks and deck fittings from inside.  Before leaving KB last time we took of all the deck hard ware and closed the holes with a nut and bolt and penny washer and a dab of sikaflex.  This allowed the deck to be cleared and no water coming in.  So its quite the process to reverse all of this as the bolts are not all easily accessible. For now I just took of the nuts and once we are ready to tackle the deck we will remove the bolt, penny washer and sikaflex. 

Morgan continued working on the aft head.  As the week progressed we managed to get one wall of the aft head up.

Thursday afternoon with a drop in the wind we both went and tackled the Starboard hull. We had started sanding this the week before.  Its not an easy job.  Five and a half hours later we finally completed the Starboard side.  We estimate that it took about 8 hours and approximately 75 sanding sheets for that one side.

Friday Morgan prepped the steel work for the welder and then cleaned and primed the area’s of the hull that showed through to the metal after the sanding.  I gave the stern and cockpit locker another coat of primer.

In the afternoon we got the call to say our Propeller and Shaft was ready for collection.  So we drove the 40 minutes to collect it.  When we ordered the propellor shaft, it was easier and more cost effective for us to order a imperial shaft.  When doing so we were advised that it would be better to get a Propeller that also has an imperial taper as appose to using our original propeller which had a metric taper.  So we bought a second hand stainless steel Propeller.  We dry fitted them both before leaving on Friday afternoon.  It was good to see KB with a propeller and shaft.   

Saturday we had arranged for Jimmy our welder to come back.  With the shaft and propeller in our hands we worked on getting the measurements for the Engine bed position right.  Morgan also decided to renew the stern tube, so the existing one was cut out and a new stern tube was welded into place.  Being able to see everything Morgan got his mock up engine in position in front of the shaft.  We had a clean slate to work with so the position of the engine had to be right.  By the end of the afternoon he felt pretty confident of the location of the engine beds.  Today Sunday Jimmy welded these into place.  Once they had left for the day Morgan gave this area a coat of primer.  Its slowly starting to take shape. 

We also got our holding tank a little closer this weekend.  Hopefully soon we will be able to get this in place. 


Our holding tank getting closer.

Watch this space.


5 thoughts on “Week 7. – Phase 2. – A cold one.

  1. Yayyyy! Although to you it might feel like a slow week I start to see substantial progress there!! Interiors’ cosmetics of course feel good but seeing the engine and the holding tank almost in place means you are at the backbone of the work! Plenty of things to be done, for sure, but the core is there!
    Bravo! Gogogogogo!
    I hope the weather will gently co-operate in the next weeks!

  2. I see lots of progress too, so although it feels slow to you, it’s maybe just because you are in a hurry. But annoying with the really cold weather, brrrr. Hopefully you’ll have better temeperatures now as spring arrives

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