Week 6. – Phase 2. – Three small steps.

For me this week has been a frustratingly slow week.  I kinda feel I haven’t accomplished much at all, and when the clock is ticking this isn’t a good thing. 

I started the week of doing odd jobs here and there.  Keeping busy and keeping out of the welder and Morgan’s way.  Cleaning port lights, and plumbing parts that we will be using. 

image3Kata Brava was fitted with a Glacier Bay refrigeration system which is driven by a big 24V motor.  The main unit was located in the engine room.  We took this out 4 years ago so that we could give the engine room a clean, so this week I took apart the unit, cleaned all the parts up and now just await some primer and paint before reassembling again.  Hopefully with a few additional parts purchased this system will still work.  Its suppose to be a good one.

Its been all about the welding this week.  Jimmy has been in pretty much all week working on the jobs that needed to get done and Morgan has been working closely along side of him making sure we get what we want and fine tune things.  We need the welding done pretty soon so that we can concentrate on painting and putting the deck hardware back on again.

First up was the fabrication of steps on the transom.  Previously there was a drop down ladder that was mounted on the transom.  Morgan had a different vision for this area so he got three small steps made out of solid steel rod welded into place instead.  We plan to put a piece of wood across these to make them more friendly to the foot.

Whilst this was being done Morgan worked on the rudder.  He had dropped the rudder last week as he had noticed that it was feeling hard to move.  On inspection he saw that the weld at the top of the rudder stem stuck out slightly and had damaged the seal.  So when we moved the rudder there was rubbing on the seal.  Its good he saw this now.  So the rudder was dropped.  The weld was grind down and a new seal was ordered and at the end of the week the rudder was lifted back into place.   

Jimmy continued to work on the exhaust and this was pressure tested at the beginning of the week.  Unfortunately there was three small leaks so he got this sealed up.  Its interesting to see his process, as non of this was done previously on the exhaust that we replaced.  So its all a good.  He also ran a dye over the main exhaust weld just to make sure there was no leaks there. 


Installing the stern poles. 

The aft poles that were dry fitted last week were permanently welded into place this week.  Morgan designed these poles with pad eyes made by himself out of stainless steel located in specific locations for various things.  Its looking good and the transom is taking on a different look.

image2Whilst all of this was taking place in between taking things apart and cleaning, I also gave the gunwale a few coats of primer.  Its been pretty windy, so the deck has been constantly dirty and with all the welding and grinding taking place, before each coat of primer the deck had to be cleaned. We have done a fair amount of painting this week, as in between jobs Morgan has been applying layers of primer to different areas of the hull as well.

Morgan’s been talking to me about the design of a transom platform for the last year.  At the end of the week him and Jimmy worked on this.  With the exception of the engine bed and stern tube, which can only be done once the engine and shaft arrives, this was the final big external welding job.  By Friday afternoon the platform was dry fitted into place.  Morgan’s well chuffed with the way its come out.  We will have the option to have a platform in line with the deck that can be used as added space for fishing, BBQ-ing and showering of, and it will also have the ability to be lowered as a swim/dive/kiting platform and boarding platform.  To finish this of he will add a wooden deck to it.  I have to admit I wasn’t sure how it was going to look, but its turned out pretty good.  Even Jimmy was well impressed with the outcome.  Its going to be a great added feature for sure.

image1 copy 2

Steel platform.

Thursday our bathroom (Head) sinks and faucets arrived.  The original faucets were quite old and very heavy.  Also in each head there was a faucet for the sink and a separate shower faucet.  We now have a chromed faucet that can be pulled out to use as a shower.  The original sinks were quite big so we ordered smaller stainless sinks.  Now that we have these we can at least start designing our bathrooms when time permits.

At the end of the week I started sanding down the Pilot House and I also started on the hull.  I will continue to alternate doing these areas until they are satisfactory.  The hull in particular is going to take a few days.  Its good to finally be progressing here though.   

Saturday we went to the yard for a few hours as well.  With all the transom welding jobs now completed, I cleaned out the stern locker, cockpit locker and aft head.  The engine exhaust ran through these areas, so they all had to be cleaned up from the welding and grind dust.  I then primed all the areas of bare metal including the new exhaust. 

Whilst I worked on this Morgan relayed with more hull sanding.  He finished the week of with giving the forward head a sand down and KB a good wash down as well.

So thats our week. I have felt kinda stuck most days doing odd jobs to stay out of everyones way.  So for me its hasn’t felt like a truly productive week.  However the welding jobs have ran smoothly and we are well pleased with the outcome. 

Just out of interest I had a look back on where we were at Week 6. fours years ago.  Have a look to https://nomadicadventures.net/2013/03/16/week-6/


11 thoughts on “Week 6. – Phase 2. – Three small steps.

  1. She really is going to be like a new boat! That transom step looks great, and how cool to have the option to have high or low! How do you then change between the two?

    • It does doesn’t it, can’t wait to see it finish. We will operate it with a pulley system. We moved it up and down pretty easily. Still fine tuning it but should be good. 🙂

  2. Another week of hard work well done .cant wait now to see what’s it’s like when you sail out of there .Its going to brand new .xx

  3. Bon courage! Do not give up to frustration now! Hold on! You are getting closer and closer, and at the end you will know your boat upside down to the last screw. It might be a slow, painful process but it will pay back fully when at sea. I keep (all) my fingers crossed for you! And, please, keep posting: it is wonderful to follow your story and progress.

  4. I love the idea of the Transom that can go up and down! I have never heard of such a thing before, so clever Morgan, and Im sure many will start to do the same when they see yours (you should Patent It Bro, you never know!!).
    Boy those old taps sure do look OLD…Good thing your changing them…
    Little jobs may feel unproductive, but they are Cheryl, dont under-estimate your work!! Plus no one ever wants to do them as they are annoying, so your doing a lot for the team there!!

    • Thank you Sarah for your comments and great to have you following us. 🙂 Yeah your brother had been talking about this platform for the last few months and now that its nearly finished its a genius idea. We already had two separate contractors come up and take photos of it. They were impressed with the design. The taps are old and super heavy, so they had to go for sure. I know we seem to do hundreds of little odd jobs per week that we don’t mention, but they have to get done. 🙂

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