Week 5. – Phase 2. – Back to the grind.

After a little time away in the sun, we are back to the grind and working at full steam.  Here I was thinking that on our return to the US we could take things at a reasonable pace and enjoy the land time. Ha thats not to happen unfortunately.  Seems like the time gods are against us, however we’ve never let a deadline hold us back.  With the above in mind our job list will be re-evaluated with ‘must do’ jobs and ‘later date’ jobs.  We will give this a good shot and reveal more later. 

Getting back on Saturday evening meant we had Sunday to recuperate and then back to full swing on Monday.   Our priorities have changed slightly and our focus for the next few weeks unless the weather is against us will be on the exterior work. 

So Monday we removed the final two hatches on the couch roof.  These gave us a little hard time to come of as they were well bonded on the teak.  I then spent the rest of the day cleaning them of and getting rid of as much of the sikaflex (bonding compound) as I could.

Luckily when we made our Acrylic order previously we had kept these two hatches in mind, as they definitely needed to be changed.  You couldn’t see out of them at all.

Unfortunately the place we used previously to get our other hatches sand blasted and powder coated is fully booked for the next few months so this week we will try out another source for these services. 

Whilst on the subject of hatches I got out the handles and parts from the hatches we took of four years ago and got these cleaned up.  We have a few spare sets, so we should be good for when we need to start re-installing these.


Hatch handles. 

Whilst I did this Morgan started tackling the current engine beds.  These needed to be removed as they were from the original engine.  With our new (to us) engine soon to arrive we needed to clear the area.  This took quite some time, a lot of effort and 25+ cutting discs later.

Tuesday and Wednesday I tackled the remainder of the winches that was removed from the mast and the pilot house.  With 6 in total I stripped them down and gave them a good clean before re-greasing and putting them back together again. This exercise highlighted the fact that we will need to get a few replacement springs for the paws.  I love these winches and we have 13 of them on board in total. I think for future I will service one winch per month.  :-)

Jimmy our Welder showed up on Tuesday and him Morgan went through the job list again and then proceeded to buy the steel required to get the work done. 


Steel pipes for welding work. 

Wednesday morning Jimmy and his sons started on our welding jobs.  First up on the list was to change out the engine exhaust.  Unfortunately the exhaust we installed 4 years ago was to small for the specs of our engine.  So a bigger exhaust needed to be installed.  Morgan cut away the previous exhaust in readiness for Jimmy to install the new one.  This was quite a job and took several days as the exhaust pipe had to be fitted in several parts and welded into place. 

Wednesday our holding tank was delivered.  WOW it looks good, now we just have to keep our fingers cross that it fits into place.  To Morgan’s estimation it should hold approximately 400 liters of waste water. With all the welding work taking place this is now put to the side until Jimmy and his team is finish.

Morgan could see that there was a thru hold in the keel that had been filled up, so he re-opened this for the black water outlet.


Making a thru hold. 

My last job of the week was to clean up the gunnel. This involved checking for any rust spots and chipping it back to the bare metal.  Once I had done this Morgan followed behind me with a wire wheel and then we completed the process with a few coats of Ospho.  This coming week once it is dry we can start with the priming and painting process.

Morgan also started prepping the keel pit at the end of this week and chipped of any rust spots.  This is in between the 5 other jobs he seems to be doing all at once.  With our current time pressure we really need to clone him.  So the area will be prepped further and primed this coming week.

We have decided to put a re-enforcement strip of steel down the leading edge of the keel.  Just an added protection incase we hit or nudge a reef, rock or ice.  So this was the second job on Jimmy’s list. 

It was a seven day week this week for Morgan as Jimmy and his team worked through the weekend.  The third welding job of the week was the radar and wind generator poles.  We are going to install two poles on the stern of the boat to hold these items.  Whilst Jimmy worked on this Morgan worked on the pad eyes that will be mounted on the poles.  Its small jobs but things that we feel are necessary and that takes time to fabricate.

Throwback to before we left.  Morgan worked on closing of the engine room from the stern cabin and head and also started to put the aft head floor frame back together. Whilst he did this I put back the ceiling planks of the galley in place.  Initially we had thought about changing this entire ceiling but after accessing what was damaged and consequently missing we have decided we should be able to make the ceiling work like it was before. 

So slowly slowly we are getting there.  Another busy week over and a new one about to begin.


4 thoughts on “Week 5. – Phase 2. – Back to the grind.

  1. Well done Cheryl! I am looking forward to see that p*** tank taking its place! ….and all the rest of course! Patience and work will do. It is nice to see how far passion and knowledge can take a couple. Katabrava is a great project!

    • Thank you for your comment Federica, yes we can’t wait for the poop tank to go in to ;-). We agree Kata Brava is a great project, we just need to keep pushing and fingers cross it will be all worth it in the end. Keep following, we need all the encouragement we can get. 🙂

      • I have been following your adventures for quite a while! …went practically everywhere with you….didn’t you realize I was hiding under the sinks in the various boats? Hahahah! Love & Cheers!

  2. Busy busy, looks like a good week, tackling so many jobs! I like the look of the reinforced keel. Winches are fun, I think putting them together is like a puzzel. Xo

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