Week 4. – Phase 2. – Small steps in the right direction.

This week we have made small steps in the right direction.  I’m forever conscious of the time, and how fast it seems to be flying by.  This was our last full week as mid next week we head of to Antigua for 10 days.  In many respects we just wish we could stay here and push on with our own project, but Antigua was a commitment we made months back, so we’ll stick to the plan. 

This week we did a fair amount of tidying up.  I started the week of in the aft starboard cabin, more cleaning up, and prepping of the steel. By the end of Monday afternoon I gave that area a coat of primer.  It instantly looked cleaner and brighter. 


Whilst I did this Morgan continued to work on the forward head.  Its takes time to measure out the correct wood size for that area and to put things back in place.  We’re continuously thinking of new ideas and ways that could make the head practical.  By mid week he had progressed nicely and we could see how everything else should fall into place.

Whilst he waited for epoxy resin to dry he also started on the reconstruction of the pilot house counter top.  We cut out our first piece of new Ribbon Sepele Mahogany.  We dry fitted the sheet, but for now decided we won’t completely install it yet with the amount of work going on.  At some point it will be vanished and glued in place.  Its going to look good.

Morgan spotted a good deal for Webasto heaters (two for the price of one) a few weeks back and they arrived this week.  Its still months away from installing this yet, but at least we now have them. 


I spent a good two days in the engine room cleaning up that area.  Originally the partition from the engine room to the aft starboard cabin and aft head was a little untidy, and not entirely sealed of in places.  With the cabinetry I am sure the noise wouldn’t have been to bad, but we figured it wouldn’t hurt to have this area sealed of properly. So these panels of wood was removed, along with all the sikaflex.

Now that we know what engine we are getting we also removed a few bits that was left there just in case we would have installed the original back in place again.  Then I concentrated on the steel and did a bit of chipping away in there, Morgan will have to do the holding tank pit and then we should be ready for a fresh coat of primer.

With the aft starboard cabin coming together, we decided to test Morgan’s welding skills.  You can’t have a steel boat and not know how to weld right.  So he bought himself a welding machine that can be used on 110V/60Hz and 240V/50Hz and decided to give a test run on the bed frame and the cross beam that separates the engine room from the aft cabin and head.  He’s has done a little welding before, but this was a good little job for him.  He enjoyed it and did a great job.  So we’ve raised the bed frame by 20cm.  This should give a good height to sit on the bed and with the lowered floor allow more comfort getting in and out of the bed.  Once this was done I primed the areas again to protect the steel welds. 

With more primer being mixed we also treated the galley ceiling.  Friday we both worked in the galley and installed new frames in the ceiling.  Once this was done I packed it with insulation ready for the fun job of putting back the ceilings panels that was originally there. 

Whilst I did this Morgan started closing of the engine room with new plywood.  This is now looking a lot tidier and cleaner. 

Slowly things are coming together.  We can’t wait to get back already.


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