Week 3. – Phase 2. – A slow one ???

Where do I start.  As I’ve mentioned previously, Morgan’s been researching re-conditioned engines for the last few weeks.  Its the biggest ticket item we will be getting for KB, so he’s taken his time in deciding which one he wanted.  We got quotes from four different suppliers.  They were all fairly close in comparison, but one in particular stood out. Monday morning we visited this supplier and put down our 50 % deposit on a 150 Hp Cummins Engine.  Yay.  That felt good.  The supplier also has a sub contractor that could make our shaft and supply a coupling and who would be balancing and adjusting the pitch on our propellor for the new gear box ratio.  So we covered a lot in that visit, and eliminated having to send the prop to North Carolina.


The supplier had an engine close by exactly like what we will be getting, so we went to have a look.  Don’t worry he promises it won’t be pink.  In about 4 weeks time we will have an engine.

Friends and current Gunboat crew Nicki and Jon who we hadn’t seen in nearly 7 years came to see us and KB on Wednesday.  They contacted us last weekend to tell us about their visit, so with this in mind, progress the first two days of the week was a little slow.  Every thing we needed to do required a little more mess and things pulled apart, not something we felt keen to do knowing that we would be showing KB to friends.  Luckily Nicki and Jon had done similar work on a 34ft Steel boat they owned twelve years ago, so they know what we are up against. 

So we putted around with small jobs Monday and Tuesday, there’s lots of them.  We continued to prep and work on the fwd head as well as the aft starboard cabin. Its amazing how much time we seem to spend looking at a piece of metal or wood thinking about the best way to use it or to improve something.  Hmmmm we have time right. 

By the end of the week we pushed through at full steam.  I continued to strip away the Pilot House area that had water damage.  I will be doing this a section at the time.  We are going to replace the damaged wood with new mahogany panels.  By the end of the week Morgan prepped this area for rebuilding again.

Talking of wood and panels.  Thursday afternoon our wood order that was placed at the beginning of the week showed up.  We now have pretty much all the wood we will need for our interior work. 

*A few sheets of Teak and Holly marine plywood for the Pilot House sole. 

The current sole was probably the original, and has taken quite a beaten.  It is beyond repair.  That will be one of the last jobs we do. 

*A few sheets of Beadboard Paneling for the new ceilings for the aft starboard cabin and two heads.

*One sheet of Teak Veneer for the hatch linings that were damaged from water ingress and sun exposure.

*A few sheets of Ribbon Sapele of various thickness for the Pilot House sides and counter tops.

*A few sheets of marine plywood of various thickness’s for making the walls of the aft head and aft starboard cabin. 

We can’t wait to start putting these in place. 


4 years ago – showing the height of the head.

We’ve been looking at ways to improve the fwd head.  Originally you would have to step up from the saloon floor into the head.  This step up meant that head room was fairly limited.  We’re not exactly tall people and a pretend shower found us hitting the ceiling. 

The toilet was also originally a little high and when either of us sat on the toilet you we would have to tip toe to touch the floor. 

So we’ve decided to lower the floor to be at the same level as the saloon floor.  Although this means slightly less floor surface area due to the hull shape, it provides a little more head room and feeling of space.  This also means that the toilet will be lowered to a more comfortable position. 

We’ve decided to epoxy the head walls and paint it to make it simple.  So with this in mind at the end of the week Morgan prepared the fwd head and sanded down the walls in readiness for epoxying. 

Whilst he worked on this I continued to prep the aft starboard cabin.  We are clearing the area to treat the steel in there.  We removed the battery bank rack and the steel floor structure that we will be modifying. 


4 years ago – Aft starboard cabin showing floor and bed height. 

Originally in this cabin you would walk through the door and would have to kneel down to get onto the bed.  We are going to drop the floor and raise the bed so that you can walk in, step down and sit on the bed without kneeling. 

The floor which housed the battery bank area also had had insulation panels stuck to the floor at some point with either sikaflex or 5200.  So blobs of this product was still all over the floor.  I scraped these of and also chipped any rust area’s so that we could apply ospho before leaving for the weekend.

The last job of the week was to tackle a little of the electrics.  Morgan made good progress there in clearing out what we won’t need.  Hopefully we will be able to see clearer now where everything needs to be run. 


Clearing up the Electrics a little.

So overall a good week. Although it felt a little slow, we have progressed.  Bring on next week.


6 thoughts on “Week 3. – Phase 2. – A slow one ???

  1. Well done to you’ll hard work of the week and hope there a lot of more progress this week .look forward to your next report x

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