Lets start from …. Officially ….Week 1. – Phase 2.


In the slings and moved to new location. 

Finally this week we have taken a tiny step in the right direction.

Monday – We didn’t go to the yard early as we were told the week before that Kata Brava would only be moved late morning or early afternoon.  As we approached the yard we started to make bets with each other on whether or not they had moved her yet.  If there is one thing we have realised, its that things don’t happen fast around here. Oram’s Yard in New Zealand would run circles around these guys and they wouldn’t know what hit them.  Anyway we were both surprised as we arrived just before mid day to see Kata Brava indeed moved to her new location.  Yay. Finally we are closer to power and inside the yard which is a much more secure location.  We spent the rest of the day waiting around to see if the container allocated to us would be moved closer, but after small jobs here and there it wasn’t to be. 


Our girl. 


Taking notes on the current rigging plan. 

Tuesday – We went to the storage unit first to collect the majority of the tools.  We started to look at the rigging on board and took the measurements of the current turn buckle lengths and documented this for future de-rigging. By just after lunch a container was moved closer to the boat.  So finally we could get ourselves organised.  That afternoon we did another trip to the storage unit to bring another car load of items back to the container.  Although the storage unit in theory is only 20 mins away, that drive with the afternoon traffic makes a quick trip to the storage unit an easy 2 hours gone.

Wednesday – Our route to the yard went via the storage unit again. Its amazing how much stuff we had managed to pack into a the smallest unit, doors, winches, toilets, sinks, half a engine, deck hardware, hatches, personal items and lots more.  Then we proceeded to empty the rest of the boat.  When we left KB three and a half years ago we had stored all the off cuts of wood, cupboard doors, cleaning materials and bits of odds and ends in the aft Stbd Cabin.  The old sails were piled up in the pilot house and needed to come of.  At the end of the day we had cleared areas to start work and to be able to see more what needed to be done.


Thursday – One final trip to the storage unit and our contract at the unit was then cancelled.  Lots of shuffling later and we have our work space and container sorted and looking somewhat organised.

With this done.  Morgan started working on his engine mock up.  The last few weeks he’s been doing research for a reconditioned engine for KB.  The original engine that was in the boat was taken out when she arrived at the yard years ago and was in pieces in the yard when we bought her.  With anything lying around unattended and unclaimed, key and expensive parts had walked of.  The original engine was a 110 HP German build Daf Engine. There’s been lots of emails flying back and forth and much time spent measuring out the engine room area.  We had considered trying to get the parts for the Daf engine, but it proved to be more expensive than a new engine locally. To date we have had quotes from four different suppliers.  A decision on what we re-power KB with will need to be made soon. 

However before an engine can go in place we needed to source out someone who could make us a replacement holding tank as the original holding tank which fits under the engine had to be cut out and removed from the boat in pieces.  See Week 12. from our earlier posts https://nomadicadventures.net/2013/04/28/week-12/#comments


Lunch at the yard. 

We looked at several options including fabricating a holding tank from stainless steel.  Ideally we wanted a tank made in Polyethylene or similar plastic material.  Keep in mind that the replacement tank would have to go in the same location as the original which is in the aft section of the keel which makes it a bit of a odd shaped tank.  The space we have to work with gives us the possibility to hold approximately 135 gallons or just over 500 liters of waste.  Again after lots of research we found a supplier/manufacturer in Florida who will be making a Polypropylene tank to fit in our spot.  This order was made this week and done all by email and phone, so we’re keeping our fingers cross it fits.  We’ll update you on this in 4 weeks time when it gets delivered.

Friday – Morgan continued to work on his mock up engine.  This will be the biggest ticket item we will be buying for KB so it has to be right.  Whilst he did that I started to take the winches of the mast.  At some stage we will de-rig the boat, so I figured I could get started on getting the winches of first.  There was 5 beautiful Andersen winches on the mast and they weren’t exactly easy to remove. 


Once that was done I went inside the boat and started to attack the forward head again. 

This area we gutted out in Week 1. before https://nomadicadventures.net/2013/02/02/week-one/ Funny to think I’m back here again trying to get old formica of the walls. This time we plan to finish these heads. 

The last job of the day was to give our prop a good clean.  It was so thick with old paint and crustacean’s.  Its not something we will be needing anytime soon, but at least its another job done.

Saturday – Morgan went to the boat for a few hours and disconnected all 13 batteries.  These are now all ready to take out and dispose of.  He then spent a few hours on looking at the current electrical system.  We have three big control panels that are located in the Aft Stbd Cabin.  The boat was converted from DC to AC so there’s going to be some changes to be made to bring it back to DC.

Thats our week.  We are getting there slowly.  Everything takes time. Fortunately this week the weather has been glorious so working outside has been great.  I looked back at posts from 4 years ago and realised how different the weather has been this time around.  We won’t complain.  Cool days are better than hot and sweaty ones.

If you want to see what work we had done previously do look back at our earlier post.


3 thoughts on “Lets start from …. Officially ….Week 1. – Phase 2.

  1. Wow guys. You guys amaze me. From fun filled adventures to getting down to business. So organized and such a great ad for teamwork. ( and I’m sure not a angry word uttered between you two 😉). All the best. Keep on blogging. I’ll keep on reading. Love to you both.

  2. You both are really working hard .most be exciting as well knowing it’s going to be you’ll own .Have fun and look forward to the next update .Love you both xxx

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