The list goes on.

So whilst we waited for the chill to leave the air, and boy wasn’t it been cold at the beginning of the week, we’ve been getting in some research.  We’ve really not had the time to give our project much thought these last few years.  So its actually good to have this time to think and to have a good internet connection so that we can find the information we are looking for. 

We also have to remind ourselves that we’ve been working flat out the last 3.5 years so taking a few days away from physical work isn’t such a bad thing.

By mid week with the temperature warming up we still found ourselves waiting for KB to be moved into the yard closer to a power source.  We’ve been promised that this is happening on Monday now.  They will be removing a boat and moving KB into that spot along with our container that we requested.  So fingers cross for progress this coming week.

One of the main questions that we get asked is ‘how much more work do we have to do’.  Well the answer to that is a bit of a scary one.  We have lots to do.  I think we’ve been postponing making that list as we know its pretty long but I’ve decided we need to put it in black and white now. 

So here goes, this is what we need to do.  This doesn’t include all the extra’s that we would like to add/do.  However we will prioritise and see what we get done in the next 6-8 months.  This list is in no particular order.  Ideally we would like to have KB in the water and moveable by the end of that period. 


On Deck:

1 Unbolt all plugs on deck

2 Service Windlass & mount.

3 Install windlass batteries and connect.

4 Mount Sail tracks on deck.

5 Mount Winches and deck turning blocks

6 Bond all plexy’s to hatch frames.

7 Mount all deck hatches.

8 Chip areas that are rusted, prime & paint.

9 Improve Stentions/change them and install new life line.

10 Give a light sand on deck & apply paint & non skid.

11 Fabricate solare panel frame/support

Cockpit and Pilot House:

12 Remove all teak from pilot house top & re-glue if possible.

13 Remove hatches and take them apart. Have new plexy’s made and have frames powder coated. Put back together and reinstall.

14 Service winch on pilot house.

15 Make new companion way sliding hatch.

16 Improve main entrance doors.

17 Make cockpit seats.

18 Improve cockpit lockers.

19 Prime and paint

Hull and Stern:

20 Treat areas that have blistered near gunwale, mid ship, port side and stbd fwd.

21 Sand down hull clean and prep for painting.

22 Paint hull.

23 Install/weld radar & antena post.

24 Make folding swimming platform and install.

25 Light sand from water line down and prep for Antifouling.

26 Antifoul.


27 Unstep mast.

28 De-assemble rig.

29 Service winches on rig.

30 Sand and paint rig, boom & spinnaker pole.

31 Feed new electrical wires in rig.

32 Install new VHF antena.

33 Install new nav lights, steaming light, fwd deck light & spreader lights.

34 Feed new halyards.

35 Change all standing rigging.

36 Service all turnbuckles.

37 Service Genoa roller furler.

38 Purchase & install staysail furler.

39 Step mast.


40 Drop rudder and inspect seals.

41 Re-mount rudder & connect quadrant

42 Install new steering cables.

43 Connect autopilot ram & rudder indicator.

44 Install hydraulic helm pump in pilot house and connect to autopilot ram with double acting valve.

45 Run hydraulic hose to inside helm station.

46 Figure out autopilot system.


47 Design plumbing drawing.

48 Intall new holding tank.

49 Install new water heater and plumb through main engine and diesel heater.

50 Run new fresh water plumbing through the boat.

51 Run new gray and black water plumbing.

52 Intall new bilge pumps.

53 Install all new pumps.

54 Install new gray water sump boxes.

55 Intall cockpit and deck wash.

Electrical & Electronics:

56 Figure out electrical runs. Battery Charger, Inverter & Isolation Transformer, Make Electrical & Electronic drawing.

57 Possibly get rid of some wiring.

58 Relocate electrical control panels from stbd cabin to pilot house (aft stbd side).

59 Install new batteries and connect.

60 Install wind generator and connect.

61 Install solar pannel and connect.

62 Intall new electronics, Radar/Plotter Comb, VHF, SSB, AIS, Sailing Instruments & Iridium Phone.


63 Service refrigeration compressor & re-install, connect to holding plates and test.


64 Install new diesel heater. Connect to power source. Plumb radiators, fuel, exhaust and start up.


65 Install New Main Engine,

66 Cut out old stern tube and weld in new stern tube.

67 Cut out Aqua drive thrust bracket.

68 Install new cutlass bearings

69 Install new shaft & propeller.

70 Install new shaft seal

71 Install new flexible coupling and align engine to shaft.

72 Plumb engine raw water, fuel and exhaust. Connect to start battery.

73 Service Generator heat exchanger, sea water pump & injectores. Change oil, oil filter fuel filter & drive belt.

74 Plumb Generator cooling water and exhaust. Connect to start battery.

Engine Room:

75 Install new dual Racor fuel filter system & fuel transfer pump.

76 Relocate fuel day tank & plumb.

77 Manufacture water intake manifold.

78 Insulate engine room with sound proof/fire retardant foam.

79 Install fire extinguisher system

Master Cabin:

80 Glue new veneer in hatch lining and reinstall lining frame.

Fwd Head 81 Make new walls, Ceiling, floor and cabinetry.

82 Install sink and toilet and plumb.

83 Glue new veneer in hatch linning and reinstall linning frame.


84 Re install panels that we had taken apart through out.

85 Possibly relocate Ice Machine closer to bar area.

86 Make new saloon seat covers.

87 Glue new veneer on saloon table.

88 Stain and vanish saloon table.


89 Re-install stainless steel plate behind stove.

90 Place new ceiling.

91 Take out sinks and install new bigger one.

92 Relocate sink holding tank to engine room if possible.

93 Clean fridge and freezer compartments.

94 Possibly, increase size of fridge with front opening door (only if ice machine is relocated).

95 Glue new veneer in hatch lining and reinstall lining frame.

96 Install new gas line for stove

97 Install/modify stove top to incorporate two electric rings

Stbd Cabin:

98 Re install panels that we had taken apart through out.

99 General clean up.

Aft Cabin:

100 Make new ceiling, walls, bed frame and floor.

101 Re-locate breaker boards and make new cupboards.

102 Glue new veneer in hatch lining and reinstall lining frame.

Aft Head:

103 Make new walls, Ceiling, floor and cabinetry.

104 Install new toilet and sink.

105 Glue new veneer in hatch lining and reinstall lining frame.

Pilot House:

106 Cut out chart table and modify. Install hydraulic helm pump. Make dashboard that will hold navigation instruments. Source & install helm seat.

107 Modify stbd side to hold all electrical breakers, including the ones that are in aft cabin.

108 Change damaged wall Stbd aft corner and port fwd area, make new upper saloon table.

109 Install new floor throughout.

110 Make new pilot house seats.


Did I mention it was a bit of a scary list.  Wish us luck.


5 thoughts on “The list goes on.

  1. Wow, sounds hectic, feel like coming over to help lol! You guys are doing great, thanks for the updates, keep them coming xx

  2. Wow, what a list, but you guys are pros and a great team, so I’m sure you’ll get there. Fun that you wrote in the previous post, 101 jobs, and you now got 110 on you list 🙂

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