We’re Back…..

After over three and a half years away we are back in Charleston South Carolina.  So much has happened since I last wrote but I’ll leave that for another post.  Right now we are happy to be back where we started exactly four years ago.  Of cause one of our priorities on arrival was going to see how Kata Brava had been behaving whilst we were away.


Changes in the neighbourhood.

As we drove towards familiar territory changes were obvious.  Smack bang in the middle of what was once the shipyard is now a building….not any building, a college.  So there was Kata Brava sitting in her corner on her own right where we left her whilst the main yard buildings and a few yachts was precariously fenced in on one side of the building and a few other yachts loosely scattered on the other side.  Hmmmmm there’s been some changes around here. 


Anyway a few days later after the festive holidays we went to see the yard to discuss our future plans for Kata Brava.  Obviously this time around our aim is to get her in the water and to get her moving. However before we can get started Kata Brava needs to be relocated.  Where she’s currently located there’s no longer any security and no power.  We need power to get cracking on the 101 jobs we have to do.  We also will require a container close by to put our tools and equipment in.  So hopefully in the days to come she will be moved and work can commence.

This weekend we’re experiencing a little bit of a cold spell here on the East Coast. So before the cold weather came through we gave Kata Brava a well deserved wash down and a quick sweep through.  We also took this time to start measuring the pit for the holding tank.  This will be one of the first jobs we will need to get onto before the engine can go on order.  We’re happy with the condition of the deck topsides and the bottom paint.  There is minimum small rust spots and she looks just like we left her. Our big girl is looking great and had stood well to the elements for the last few years.  We are happy.    

We have a lot of hard work a head of us and we can’t wait to get stuck in.  Watch this space…….


6 thoughts on “We’re Back…..

  1. Happy to see you back to your boat. Definitely the most rewarding kind of work. I cannot wait seeing you getting her on water and ready to live in and sail.

    • Thank you Federica, fingers cross we get her in the water this time. We can’t wait. Am sure there’s going to be hurdles but we’re excited about it. Thanks for following. C&M

  2. You guys are amazing. ..ive spent the last hour on the toilet reading you news feeds ha ha ..its i’m only place I can get away from the kids ha ha …But can’t wait to hear more and see the finished boat xxx

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