Ushuaia, Argentina.

As I write this we spend our last night in Ushuaia Argentina, where we arrived nearly 3 weeks ago after our southern trips to South Georgia and Antarctica.

IMG_8564Ushuaia is commonly known as the southern most city in the world and is the Capital of Tierra del Fuego. Due to its high southern latitude, the city’s climate is influenced by Antarctica.  We have experienced all weather conditions here from warm sunny cloudless days to a fierce wind and a fresh dusting of snow on the mountains.

Our time here was spent slightly more relaxed than our previous stops which was nice after the last few busy months.  There is no Marina as such so Louise had to be shacked up between other boats.  Its not the ideal situation but it seems to work here.  If nothing else you become friendly with your neighbours.  So we have spent the majority of time just slowly preparing the boat for the next leg.  Of cause after the last six week trip there was lots to do. IMG_5626

Ushuaia is a bustling touristy town with everyone either coming from or looking to get to the White Continent.  Its surrounded by beautiful snow topped mountains and the beautiful beagle channel.  We have enjoyed our time here but look forward to the new adventures ahead.

IMG_8566Officially its Good Bye Argentina.

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