The Falkland Islands.

IMG_4233The Falkland Islands are a archipelago made up of two main Islands and 776 smaller Islands.  The main islands lies 300 miles of the Patagonian coast out in the South Atlantic Ocean on the Patagonian shelf. 

The Falkland Islands is one place that I have heard of a lot in my life however its somewhere I never believed in my wildest dreams I would sail to.  So to arrive in Stanley harbour was an exciting moment for sure.  The colourful house’s lit the barren low lying shore line and brighten up even the greyest of days.  IMG_4065

There is a fair amount of St Helenian’s living and working in the Falklands and because of this I felt one step closer to home being there.  Funnily enough the first person I should see when docking was a fellow St Helenian.

IMG_4223One of the main things you feel when stepping ashore in Stanley is the strong sense of being on British soil.  It was compared to a small English coastal village.  Military personnel and vehicles are frequently passed.  The British Armed Forces has a Base and Airport at the Mount Pleasant Airfield Base, just a 40 minute drive out of Stanley.

The streets of Stanley are quiet and nearly only occupied by land rovers.  Small pubs are dotted around.

We were fortunate to do a few wildlife tours during our stay there and the land scape was varied and amazing. IMG_3974 IMG_3847 When the sun shines the scenery can be absolutely breath taking.

When the wind blows its a harsh reminder of how far south you are as the cold sets in.  Penguins and Seals are in abundance in certain areas around the jugged coast line and the bird life was totally awesome.  IMG_4120 IMG_4108

We spent three weeks docked in Stanley Harbour over the Christmas and New Year.  Although this period was quiet and busy for us we enjoyed it just the same.

Our return to the Falklands mid January for 5 days was filled with wonderful hospitality and delicious meals of the boat in family homes.  We met many wonderful new friends.  We just wished we had more time but promise ourselves to come back to these distant shores one day soon.

1 thought on “The Falkland Islands.

  1. I’m please to hear that you had enjoyed your short stay on the Falklands and was made welcome there family and friends xx

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