The land of the Caipirinha, endless beautiful beaches and the smallest bikini’s imaginable. IMG_3128Our time here in Brazil has come to an end.  As I write this we are currently sitting in the most southern port of Brazil.  An industrial shipping and fishing port called Rio Grande.  It’s not exactly a pretty location, but its serving its purpose as we sit here on a small rickety fishing dock waiting for the notorious Pampero (Strong Southern Wind from Argentina) to blow through in the next few hours.




Our arrival in the amazing city of Rio de Janeiro will be a memory that will last forever.  A beautiful sunny and hot day greeted us and the noise of the bustling city surrounded the marina.

IMG_3302Our three days spent in Rio was occupied with all the jobs that comes after an Atlantic crossing and an endless line of visitors.  So unfortunately apart from taking a quick trip up the Sugar Loaf to overlook the city by night and a quick tour of Copacabana beach, we didn’t get to see anything further.  IMG_2835Morgan reminds me that luckily we had done the touristy things nine years earlier…although I am not sure if I am quite satisfied with that.


From Rio we went to the beautiful area of Angra dos Reis, what a spectacular area it is when the sun shines.  I say when the sun shines, as the mountainous region seems to harbor every cloud within reach.  We stayed at the Valome Marina for the three weeks and carried out warranty work that rose during the Atlantic crossing.

However during that time we had a much needed week away from the boat where we spent it on the tranquil beautiful island of Ilha Grande.  This area is known as the jewel of the Brazilian South Coast.  The Island is surrounded by beautiful sheltered coves, gorgeous deserted beaches and stunning rain forest.IMG_3560

To spend the days relaxing on the beach or hiking into the rain forest was perfect after the last few busy months.  IMG_3653





Before we knew it time was gone, and with guest on board we cruised the Islands for a short week before finishing with a long weekend in Ilha Bella, the St Tropez of the Brazilian Islands.

So to say we have been to Brazil would be an understatement.  We have barely scratched the surface of the best of the cruising area in lightening time.

However the small glimpse of the real Brazil reminds you of the great diversity of this country and makes you thankful for what you have.IMG_3453

‘It’s moments like these that fuels our dreams.’

Tomorrow we continue our journey South……..Ciao Brazil.

1 thought on “Brazil.

  1. I do enjoy reading this blog from time to time and keeping up to date with your adventures. Almost like being with you but unfortunately only ‘like’ being with you. Keep up the blogs and travel safely. Love to you both. Colin xx

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