Fernando de Noronha, Brazil.

Our three day stay in Fernando de Noronha was short and sweet. We had been there before together only last year on route from Capetown to the USA.  However its always nice to return to a place of such beauty and simplicity.

Fernando is located 300 miles of the main land coast of Brazil.  The island is made up of the main island which is 17km2 and around twenty small islands, islets and rocks.  From miles off shore the 323m Morro de Pico can be seen.IMG_2639

A fair majority of the island and its surrounding waters is a national park.  There is an abundance of wildlife.  Clearly seen from the anchorage was schools and schools of dolphins that played playfully in the area and sea turtles that didn’t seem at all phased by the activity around them.IMG_2648

Ashore life is simple and slow.IMG_2677  You have to remember your on island time.  The population is around 1600.  The locals are friendly and welcoming.  Everyone gets around on scooters or buggy’s, some of which have definitely seen their days.IMG_2682

In years gone by the island was used to isolate political prisoners and then during the second world war it became a military base.  Today Fernando seems to tick by on fishing and local tourism.IMG_2717

One of the main attractions on the island is the amazingly stunning beaches with their clean white sand and warm clear enticing waters.

Fernando de Noronha one of Brazil’s best kept secrets.IMG_2663

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