Leg 1 – Heading South.

The beginning of the trip officially started from Jersey.

We left on Friday the 30th August…yep you read right….whatever happened to never leaving port for a major trip on a Friday.  I guess that goes out the window when the whole schedule has been delayed and everyone is eager to finally head SOUTH.

So with the wind in the noes we left the shelter of the Channel Islands and began the journey West.  The first night wasn’t the most pleasant as we motored into the wind and sea but knowing that it would get better by the time we reached the most western point of France we ploughed on.  As we reached the tip and pointed in the direction to head south the wind had backed around more from the North and we were ready for the Bay of Biscay.

IMG_2361This was our 7th crossing across the Bay of Biscay together.  It’s an area that gives me goose bumps just to think of it.  A stretch of ocean that can turn horrible in a flash and known to most sailors.  However with the wind at our backs and a following sea we flew through without any problems.  On day three after watching the chart plotter closely we were out.  I felt we had once again escaped.

Much to everyones surprise and to our delight we caught a small Blue Fin Tuna which provided a delicious lunch of grilled tuna steaks and Sashimi. Not a bad start and the first of hopefully many more to come.

IMG_2343We averaged over 200 miles most days with a good 250 mile effortless day.  The weather got warm and winds lighter as we approached the Canary Islands.

Overall the trip went great.  Everyone on board was happy and the boat performed beautifully.  

IMG_2404A week after we departed on the 6th September land was once again spotted and we arrived in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

It was great to arrive back in the Islands.  We had been to Lanzarote before and enjoyed the experience so thought it would be a good stopping point after a great trip.

It was good to arrive back in a proper marina surrounded by other cruisers and people that are going somewhere.

IMG_2414The Sunsets here in Lanzarote are breath taking….they draw you in and keep you dreaming.

For us we are both excited to be on this new adventure.  It feels good to once again have the sun on our backs and sand between our toes, to know that we are on the move again with an exciting trip a head.

“Sometimes you have to follow someone else’s dream to keep your dream alive”.


2 thoughts on “Leg 1 – Heading South.

  1. I really enjoyed reading the last few posts. A new journey/Adventure begins. Congratulations and of course…. Bon Voyage 🙂

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