A New Adventure Begins…

We left the last Dutch Lock on Saturday 24th August.20130824_155247

What a great feeling it was to be finally heading on our way down the Canal and closer to the Ocean. We thought the day would never come.

IMG_2348We finally left Holland late in the evening on Sunday the 25th August.  We had a good steady breeze so had a great first nights sail.  It felt good to be moving again, to be sailing amongst the anchored ships, rigs and underneath the full nights starry sky.

IMG_2108Two days later our first stop was Jersey in the Channel Islands.  A beautiful little Island which is a stones throw away from mainland Britain but what looked like a million miles away from the English coast. Surrounded by a jagged and un friendly shoreline but immersed in beautiful clear blue water.  The interior of the Island is lush and green. IMG_2186 It reminded us so much of St Helena.

If St Helena became an island of interest to Bankers, Trusts and other Financial Services twenty years from now with an Airport of cause it would be the new Jersey.

An Island just slightly smaller than St Helena at 45.5 sq miles it hosts a population of approximately 100, 000 people.  A number I wouldn’t even be able to imagine on my little Island.


Jersey is located in the Bay of St Malo just 19 miles of the coast of France and 85 miles of the South Coast of England.  There is a fair amount of French influence mingled with true English fashion.

IMG_2169Its numerous fortifications jutted around the coast provides tales of years gone by.

Jersey…….Another little British Gem.

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