3 Months in Holland.

Well what was suppose to have been a month to 6 weeks stay in Holland eventually became a 3 month stay.  Of cause it’s not a surprise when you are dealing with a new boat and all that comes with it.

However our stay was a great experience for sure.  IMG_1267Too many times have we visited a place and never really see anything.  The majority of the time we spent at the shipyard or on board the boat, but in the first few weeks we had the weekends of so would try and get out to explore a little of what Holland had to offer.

Amsterdam was an amazing bustling city, so full of life and culture.  When we had visited briefly in February, I remember thinking that although the architecture was interesting the city seemed very grey and dull.  Of cause that was in the heart of Winter.  Seeing Amsterdam in the Summer was fun and the ‘cute’ buildings felt like they smiled at you in the sun.  When you look at a map of Amsterdam the first thing you will notice is the canals.  IMG_1271It seems like the city is a web of canals.  Beautiful little water ways that adds charm to the city.

We found the Dutch people to be extremely friendly with a kind heart.  One of the things that surprised us was how everyone spoke English or tried to.  By the time we left we stopped asking ‘Do you speak English’ before asking something as the normal response would be ‘well of cause’.

IMG_1334We were based 30 minutes out of Amsterdam for the majority of our stay.  Before moving aboard the boat our drive daily would take us past the famous Zaanse Schans windmills, a sight you could never get tired of.  I would often comment on how it felt strange to be in a shipyard, in what felt like the country, surrounded by cows and sheep with the smell of chocolate hanging in the air from the Cocoa factories in the area.

IMG_1468Our drive home would take us past fields of cows and yet we never felt far from the ocean or the city.

Of cause Holland is known for many things but for me the presence of the clogs, the delicious cheese, beautiful windmills, and the canals of Amsterdam has installed beautiful memories of our time spent there.   Unfortunately we had just missed the Tulip Season…but I guess you can’t see everything and it just leaves something for next time.

For the highlights of our three month stay check out our Holland 2013 album in our Photo Gallery.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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