Back in Europe.

It’s been nearly two weeks since we arrived back here in Europe and it’s been a busy two weeks for sure.  It felt a little strange at first but also so very nice, I didn’t thought I would feel this way, but we are happy to be here.

After being in the USA for well over a year, it’s a good change a refreshing change.  Before leaving I was thinking about the good things and opportunities that you have whilst being in the USA and there is a list.  I was a little apprehensive about coming back to Europe, mainly because of the European weather, which is never that great.  However after nearly two weeks I have realised there is things I have missed from this part of the world also.  It’s different and there are different things to look forward to and to be honest the weather hasn’t been too bad either.


The variety of delicious cheese.


The abundance of chocolate shops.


The Olives at the markets.

Some of the things we have both realised we have missed is the feeling of European culture and diversity and of cause the food.   It’s wonderful to walk into a cheese shop or chocolate shop and down the rows of market stalls.

Morgan had only been to Rotterdam before, and for me Holland is a new destination all together.  It’s quite different to any of the European countries I have visited before.  So far it’s been a wonderful experience and we can only hope that the rest of our summer over this side of the pond will be just as exciting.

5 thoughts on “Back in Europe.

  1. I have been to Rotterdam and Amsterdam, and I can say that Holland is really a beautiful place with a really nice feeling! I love the presence of the river everywhere and the bicycles!
    Have you seen any urinals at the corners of the River??

  2. Glad to hear that you are enjoying it there and hope you have a wonderful time rest of your stay there when you not working .look forward to the photo’s xx

  3. Hello Nomads !
    I met you at the Dutch Yard and have the pleasure helping you prepare for departure.
    Ofcourse we start talking about things and soon you explaned about your own new boat! (and website) Instead of awaiting your e-mail with website link, I started searching the web. Just googled: “60 foot work teak deck morgan cheryl”. And SURPRISE ! Direct hit! Your site showed up on top!
    I started reading and….. I couldend stop. It got late that night….. Via this way I would like to tell you I like your way of life and proud about your achivements and ofcourse your new boat: “project Kata Brava”. I enjoy very much working with you and hope you like my work. (Keep thinking about me!) Youre very bussy prepaing so maybe, sometime, somewhere, we’ll meet and have a drink by a campfire. (You advised me to explore Belize so…….:o)
    Greetings (=we dutch people say)
    Bart van Gessel

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