Week 15.

This is it, we have arrived at the end of Phase One and its time for us to close up Kata Brava.

This last week we concentrated on packing up and organizing the boat, the container and our storage unit.  So in some respects, although the days were long, it was a much easier week for us in comparison to the last few.

IMG_1036 IMG_1048 IMG_1045






We gave the interior a good final cleaning.  It was good to see the boat partially back together again and looking like a boat as appose to a work site.  A few of the yard personnel came aboard to see the boat and most was pleasantly surprise to see what we had done and that we hadn’t completely gutted her.   They had all seen the amount of wood that had come of at the early stages so had naturally assumed we had totally taken out the interior.  Unfortunately we didn’t get around to doing very much with the two heads and the aft cabin which was the areas we did strip down.  However that is OK, as now this gives us time to really think about what we want to do with these areas.

IMG_1024 IMG_1027 IMG_1088






So this week we have decided so show a few pics of the interior as it is right now.  There is a few areas of Kata Brava that is a little dated, but she has charm and when time allows it we will most definitely make her ours.

We also finally got around to taking down the head sail this week.  We had a windless morning and time to quickly release it and pull it down.  All of the sails had remained in place exposed to the elements for the years that Kata Brava had sat here unattended.   So this week with getting the head sail of, we also pulled out the main sail which had been taken of in the first week along with the stay sail and got them measured.  All in preparation for our return. Along with sealing the deck areas, we also got all of the vents netted.  When we arrived on Kata Brava in January, she was full of wasps nest.  Any spot where a wasp could get was a nest.  So for weeks we were breaking up and cleaning up wasp nest along with fighting of the angry wasps.  We definitely don’t want to be doing that again. We are very happy with what we have achieved.

IMG_1066 IMG_1067 IMG_1068







We have a fully sealed, watertight, rust free and painted boat waiting for us.  We have all clean, rust free and painted bilges throughout the boat including the engine room.  We have done what we had set out to do. So for now it is au revoir Kata Brava.

5 thoughts on “Week 15.

  1. All i can say is well done again to all the weeks of hard work. And what nice new look and ending for the time being. Hope all goes well on your new adventure xx

  2. She looks great! I love the interior as well!!
    So I guess you are also all cleaned up of paint and clean to start your new adventure!!!
    Cant wait to read more…

  3. Well done guys, we know what it takes!
    We’re still hoping to leave for the UK in early June, stay in touch & perhaps we’ll cross tacks over there somewhere.
    LOL, Patrick, Lisa, & of course, REBA!!!

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