Week 14.

Week 14. was another very productive week for us here in Pierside Boatworks. Last weekend Kata Brava got hoisted by the travel lift to allow us to work on the bottom of the keel but with the terrible weather over the weekend we still had work pending on Monday. So here is Campbell welding under the keel. IMG_0945IMG_0954Once the welding was completed we gave the bottom of the keel two coats of Primer and by late morning Kata Brava was back resting on her keel on solid ground.



We reunited the rudder with the boat, not too sure how long they have been apart for but probably years.

IMG_0976We got the rudder in line with the stern tube and cranked it up with the car jack. With brand new bushing and seals it all went in really smoothly. Its soo good to see Kata Brava with her rudder in place.IMG_1037




We opted not to reinstall some of the deck hardware such as the winches, hatches, sail tracks, cleats, jammers and so on to protect them from the weather while we are away. By not doing so we have over a hundred holes through the deck that if not properly sealed could bring a lot of water into the boat.  So we bought a bag of 6mm stainless steel bolts and nuts and with big fender washers and with a dap of sealant we closed all the holes this way.

IMG_0984A long process but a guarantied one that will keep water out of the boat.



The interior is being cleaned and organized and prepped for being left.


IMG_1016 IMG_1015Again this week we did a lot more painting as we got the engine room primed and the galley overhead primed. We applied another coat of primer below the waterline so now that makes 5 coats of primer on the bottom.  We also applied 2 more coats of primer on the deck therefore 4 coats on the deck in total and on top of that we applied 2 coats of top coat.

IMG_0996 IMG_1005This week we have seen the deck changed color three times, Monday was white primer, Wednesday grey primer and Friday the light grey top coat.


Kata Brava is now well sealed. IMG_1002 IMG_1030Unfortunately with the limited time left on our hands we did not get to tape and separate the areas that are going to be nonskided and the ares that are not, so for now it is all the same color and when we come back we will do the outlining and different colors then.

We finished building the temporary deck hatches out of plywood, fiberglass and epoxy resin. IMG_0973Gave them a coat of primer and they even got the privilege of a top coat as there was left over deck mixture.


With this all done we started reinstalling the pushpit, pulpit, stanchions, lifelines, dorade boxes and the temporary hatches.  IMG_1036Already we have a boat that is looking quite different then a couple of weeks back.

Thats about sums it up for this weeks update.

A+ Morgan


3 thoughts on “Week 14.

  1. I’m tired just reading this…bet you two never have insomnia! Your new assignment will feel like a vacation!

  2. A great job finish and well done . kava Brava looking great already .I bet you’ll don’t feel like leaving now after coming this far with the job .xx

  3. well sure does look like its all coming to a close!
    I cant wait to hear all about your new adventures, so don’s stop blogging!

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