Week 13.

With our time on the count down, this week has been about painting, painting and more painting.

IMG_0836 IMG_0839Between the Spring showers Cheryl has been sanding the deck in sections and painting them. Then when the weather turns we paint areas inside such as the steering locker, the aft head/shower, the bilges, the engine room and the black water tank pit.IMG_0817 IMG_0931






IMG_0910           IMG_0924                                                 IMG_0921   IMG_0918


I have also been busy building a new companion way hatch and more longer term temporary hatch covers.


We rented our storage unit in West Ashley and have been organizing and packing our gear in the unit.

The week before last we had scheduled to have Kata Brava lifted with the travel lift to sand blast and prime the remaining bare spots of where the boat stand pads were and more importantly to sand blast and inspect the bottom of the keel. However the weather forecast was not looking good so we canceled the lift and pushed it forward to last weekend. As the weekend approached the forecast again was for a lot of rain but with limited time left for us to work on Kata Brava we went forward with the lift on Friday afternoon.

IMG_0863IMG_0866 IMG_0889 

IMG_0893Friday afternoon with Kata Brava almost 1 meter above the ground in the slings of the travel lift we got the remaining pad spots and the bottom of the keel sand blasted and primed.

IMG_0862 The keel as expected needed a bit of work but not as extensive as I had envisaged. IMG_0913


So Saturday I spent the day grinding welds between rain showers. Sunday it rained continuously so we were stuck unable to re-weld. Luckily for us today Monday Pierside Boatworks gave us the time needed to finish our work before setting Kata Brava down again.

Cheryl made me delay this post by a day. Sometimes she can be a little superstitious and been as this week is week 13 and Kata Brava was up in the air she thought it would be safer to only post once she was back on solid ground. This weekend was one of the wettest and windiest we have seen in the last 3 months here, not that fun while working under the keel of a 25 ton yacht.

Stay tuned for this weeks update.

A+ Morgan

3 thoughts on “Week 13.

  1. Wow Kata Brava is looking great with all that paint!
    Its amazing to see how much work you are doing on her…
    Good on cheryl for waiting a day to post this Post!

  2. Kata Brava are looking good with her new face lift. Another week of hard work Morgan and Cheryl . Well done xx

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