Week 12.

Another fully loaded week for the good ship Kata Brava. Where to start as so much has happened since the last update only 7 days ago.

So we have been busy loading Kata Brava’s bottom with coats of primer and in between the 3rd and 4th coat of primer it was time for a little filler in the odd cavities here and there. IMG_0688


A light sand and another coat.IMG_0717



IMG_0683 IMG_0685


With the excess paint Cheryl is painting the bilges which are turning out quite nice.



Our rudder is also now completed, two weeks ago I was wondering the best way to repair it. The lower section of the one side of the rudder was badly deteriorated and the other side only had a few holes, so the quick fix would have been to cut out and replace the bad lower section of the one side and have a few inserts on the other. However that would have been a bit tacky. The next option was to strip it to its stock and totally rebuilt it which is what we did.


So we stripped the rudder to its stiffeners, made a template of the stiffeners  and welded the new stiffeners on.Then laid the rudder frame on a new sheet of metal and outlined it.


We then cut the outlined X2 and welded the one side to the stock and the stiffeners and painted the interior with high end navy grade barrier coat.





Once that was done we then tacked the other side to the rudder stock and to the stiffeners, now that it’s fully tacked, it was time for the long welds to fully seal it.




To finish it we welded a couple of bolts to both sides that will support the anodes and voila a brand new rudder is made.






With all our carbon steel work completed it was time to do some stainless steel work. So here we have Campbell welding our two piece pull pit back together.



Here is our modified midship stantions. IMG_0735Originally they were through bolted to the deck which we had water infiltrations through. So we modified it by closing those holes and welded a mounting plate to the deck on which the stantions are now mounted on. In turn the stantions had to be modified and shortened.

The highlight of this week was the holding tank. We have been pushing this project back for some time now as there was other priorities.

Weeks ago we opened the inspection hatch of the holding tank to find that it was full so we had it pumped empty which was fine. Then a few weeks back once the deck got sand blasted quite a bit of water came into the boat through the various holes so the bilges and the opened holding tank needed emptying again. As we were emptying the bilges the level of the holding tank was also dropping, Hmmmmm it looked like we had a hole or several holes in the holding tank.  So it needed to come out and we have been pushing this project back.


IMG_0743 IMG_0752

So here we are welding pad eyes to the top of the tank and Campbell and I pulling hard on the chain falls and come alongs but the tank would not budge.



We built a A frame over both ends and banged and banged wedges between the tank and the side of the keel to get it moving.



Hours later it gradually came up, the tank was sealed/locket into place with tar, hence it was difficult coming out.

Now that we have the tank out of its pit we will have to fix it or make a new one.  The question is if we fix it do we do it in the boat or do we cut it up and fix it out of the boat as its not coming out in one piece through the companion way.

So I slept over the options and on Saturday I cut it in two pieces then Cheryl and I pulled both pieces out of the boat.



What a job, the tank we believe is original to the boat as its made in one piece (no welding seams) so the only way it could have been fitted into its pit was lowered straight down when the pilot house was not part of the boat.




Now that the tank is out, it was time to clean the engine room and the holding tank pit which is 1.5 meters deep and narrow.


Scoop by scoop and hours later we got all the muck out and now have a much cleaner engine room.



Here we are looking a little dirtier then normal but happy to have finally put this job behind us.


While I was this dirty I took a little tour into the diesel tank to scoop any muck from its bottom too.




Quickly before we called it a day at 19:00 Cheryl layered up the transom with more primer.



There we have it this weeks update with more pictures then words.

A+ Morgan

5 thoughts on “Week 12.

  1. well done you 2 after all that hard work . you’ll deserve a medal for that . Hope the jobs now will bit a bit easier as time goes on which are not to long now . you are on the count down now .xx

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