Week 11.

Another loaded week for Kata Brava in Pierside Boatworks Shipyard.

I started a little poorly this week as I got a piece of steel in my left eye on Sunday afternoon. Thinking it would flush out after a good wash and some rest Monday my eye was swollen and red so off to the eye doctor I went. IMG_054530 minutes later I was back on the boat with a numb left eye and back to grinding welds with this time even more protection.


Not that I wasn’t wearing any but by now my eye was very sensitive to the light, hence the the dark glass’s under the protective glass’s.

IMG_0548Cheryl has been chasing loose paint in the bilges in preparation for painting and in between jobs also gave a coat a of paint to the Lazerette sole which is starting to take shape now.


With the transom  totally completed with cockpit drains welded in place and the back stay chain plates solidly welded we gave it its first coat of primer.IMG_0592

Being race week here in Charleston there is lots of activity in the ship yard with boats arriving on trailers, getting rigged and launching all throughout the week. We on the other hand were getting ready for sand blasting which started on Wednesday and carried on through to Thursday.

IMG_0568 IMG_0572So while a lot of activity was happening here we were making a lot of noise and sending off a lot of fine dust in all directions. Probably not very popular with some folks.

IMG_0581 IMG_0579 While Cheryl was waiting for the sandblasting to be over she found a small job of cleaning the cockpit back rest locker doors, here is a good picture of before and after and of-cause Cheryl showing her cleaned door.


Thursday once the blasting was done we gave Kata Brava a good wash down with the ship yards pressure washer and let the hull dry out before applying the fist coat of barrier coat. IMG_0637 IMG_0662

Three hours later Kata Brava was finally fully primed, a great sight and feeling of accomplishment.  Friday afternoon a second coat of primer was applied.


We’ve also been busy applying the left over barrier coat paint to the cleaned bilges, pictures will follow in next weeks update as well as the tale of the rudder which is nearing its final stage of restoration.

Stay tuned for next weeks update.

A+ Morgan

5 thoughts on “Week 11.

  1. Exciting week…already looks like a new boat compared to the pictures a couple of months ago. Hope your eye is feeling much better Morgan. Have a great weekend!

  2. The boat looks good after a week of hard work well done . can’t wait for the next weeks write to see how much more you’ll have achieved how exciting xx

  3. Poor you Morgan. Hope you’re okay now. You both must be feeling proud of your achievement with Kata Bravo so far. Hope you both have a great weekend. Love Us 2 xx

  4. Oh no about your eye!!! But hey you look super trendy with those big black glasses and protective ones over them!! Hope your eye is better now??
    The lazarette looks GREAT, well the whole boat does! Good cleaning cheryl!

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