Spring has Sprung….


Our tree in the parking lot on the 18th March.

Well Spring is finally here.  A month ago the weather was questionable but we have been having great temperatures for nearly two weeks now.  By the middle of most days it has been between 26-29 degrees C, some days almost too hot to be outside.  It’s better weather than Summer weather in a lot of places.   We have missed the warm weather and have so enjoyed going to work in shorts and t-shirts again.  The trees are blossoming and the birds are out and we are happy to be in the warm sun again.


Our tree in the parking lot on the 18th April.


2 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung….

  1. Springtime is so gorgeous with all of the colorful trees and flowers! I get terrible allergies from all the people’s but I still love it. Plus all of the birds are sure happy.

  2. I just love catching up with your blog regularly…. i do miss you two so much, your company is awesome, we certainly dont meet people like you often enough! i do wish we could see you again… I hope the weather stays lovely for the little time you have left working on KB.
    you have done such an amazing job, so admirable!xx

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