Week 10.

Where to start as its all happening, we are progressing full steam ahead clocking in 12 to 14 hour days at the yard. Our new welder Campbell from Shore Line Ship Repairs has been excellent. During the week Campbell is only able to come to us from 4 PM due to work commitments but has been staying until 8 PM at night.  However on the weekends he is with us all day and we are making huge progress.

IMG_0449Cheryl has been busy filling in all the remaining small cavities on deck and in the cockpit.



She also has been preparing the Dorade boxes by priming them and sanding them down several times until they are nice and smooth for their first coat of top coat.

Finally but not least she is in the process of putting the master cabin back together by filling in the frames with the insulation glass and screwing back the panelings.



IMG_0440Our new C&C cut Acrylics for our deck hatches have arrived and look awesome, especially compared to the old ones.




We gutted the bilges from a couple of old, stiff and smelly hoses such as  black water, gray water, air conditioning sump boxes, fresh water and heater water.


All these hoses were really dirty some of them had been cut and rejoined in odd places making the bilges look like a colorful spider web.



So out they all came, we then gave the bilges a good wash down and already it looks so much better.


Loads of progress on the welding side. We replaced a couple of sections of stringers in the steering lockerIMG_0454 and also re-welded the auto pilot bracket back in its place and as-well the new generator exhaust next to the main engine exhaust.

The biggest achievement this week though was the transom. We decided to replace an even bigger section of it as originally we were only going to replace the lower section and keep the propane gas locker. Then we decided to get rid of the propane gas locker and therefore we would need to close up the starboard side of the transom as well.

IMG_0456 IMG_0472

As we are replacing the lower section and the starboard section we thought we  might as well replace the port side too. So off we went and marked a nice straight line and cut off the whole transom. Yes crazy but its amazing what can be done with steel.


We welded vertical stringers to get the curvature that we wanted and up we pulled our plate of steel into place.


Campbell used the plasma cutter to get a nice clean cut and with dogs and wedges we brought the metal into shape and tacked it into place.



We also started working on the rudder as it had a few pin holes.

IMG_0521We cut out a small section which became bigger and bigger. I was surprised of the state of the inside…We might have to built a new one so here I am think what to do next…


Here we have it this weeks update in a few words and with a few pictures.


Here is a cool transom before and after picture, even though the after is not totally finished, its great to see the difference.

IMG_1497 IMG_0523




A+ Morgan

2 thoughts on “Week 10.

  1. Its amazing what can be done and well done to the 3 of you .i cant wait to see when the hold thing are finish which i know wont be yet a while.

  2. That’s sure is a lot of hoses! I bet its gonna look and feel good to have nice new ones down there! Cheryl is going to be a Master at all sorts of jobs, good on her!
    So you might have to build a new Rudder? seems like a big job?
    Congratulations to Campbell for his wonderful work…Oh and it looks like the weather is getting nicer?

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