People come and People go……


Reba – I tried to take a good pic of her, but she kept turning her back to me.

One of the things I love about this life style is that we get to meet so many wonderful people from different cultures, religions and yachts.  A few weeks ago we saw the arrival at the yard of a 36ft cruising yacht called ‘Silver Shoes’ with owners Patrick and Lisa aboard and their four legged little girl Reba.  It was nice to finally get to talk to other people than the yard staff or the welders.  Also Reba a Chiwawa/Jack Russell mix reminded me of another little four legged girl that had touched our lives before.  It was fun to finally have some company that could relate to ‘boat life’ and who could totally relate to what we are going through with Kata Brava having done a fair share of work on ‘Silver Shoes’ themselves before going sailing.

The sad thing is that you always have to say goodbye.  Today I waved them of and they motored away in the glistering sun.  I have to admit the minute I waved and then walked away tears streamed down my cheeks as I realised how much I had missed having the company.  We have been here in Charleston three months and these were the only new friends we had, and there they were heading off on their next adventure.


Silver Shoes heading away down the channel.

I watched them disappear and realized that one day that would be us, sailing away from that dock and heading down that channel.

You have to wonder if and when you will see them again and stay positive in thinking that you will.  We have met so many people on our travels cruisers and crew a like.  We have yet to meet the ones we had a connection with the second time around.  Although saying that with our dreams for Kata Brava and our new working adventures starting soon we can only hope that we will share a stunning anchorage again one day soon.




4 thoughts on “People come and People go……

  1. very good write up Cheryl and sad. once the job finish and the day come to sail Kata Brava down that channel you should start writing a book from the time you’ll bought her until finish.
    I’m sure it will have a nice happy ending xx

  2. I know how you must feel, but its also a happy sadness, as the sailing world is a small one, and those connections made are for ever!

  3. Ah, I always glance over what you guys are up to but this entry caught my attention. Sailor and a prosepctive author..?! Chin up and Kata Brava will be taking you to meet more great friends – old and new – very soon x

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