Week 9.

Well this is our last single digit week since we started refurbishing Kata Brava with plenty more to come.  The question is how many more weeks will it take? We are progressing at a very slow pace to say the least. There are two factors that we are struggling with, one of them is  Mother Nature.  We all know very well there is not much we can do about that, it is what it is and we have to work with it which is exactly what we have been doing.   We are always keeping a sharp eye on the weather front and prioritizing certain jobs.

Our next factor is Human Nature, yes Human Nature…this factor is a mistake of ours, or should I say mine, it is one that can be and should be avoided with better judgment. I thought I had a good sense of reading/judging different people, obviously not this time. For the last couple of weeks its been excuses after excuses, holding us up in our progress and setting us back. This week we have had enough and needed to do something about it so we have a new welder since Wednesday and we are finally making progress again.

We have closed up all the small remaining screw holes on deck that was brought to light after the sand blasting.  Stainless steel brackets have been welded to support our dorade boxes and now our deck is totally completed with the welding.



Now that this is done we started the long process of leveling all the small cavities with high build fearing compound.

A big task on the job list was to lift our +1000 liter stainless steel water tank out of it’s pit in the keel to access a cut out that was made prior to us buying the boat so that we can close it up.

IMG_0379 IMG_0382 IMG_0383

IMG_0398 IMG_0411

So we squared out the cut out as it was roughly cut made an insert with a nice big bevel to allow a few passes of welding and now finally a closed hole.

Having the tank out of the keel pit we took advantage of cleaning the pit. Gave the walls a good go with the wire brush and a coat of barrier paint with another to come.

IMG_0384 IMG_0390 IMG_0007

Also below the waterline we welded a stainless steel pipe inside and outside in the engine room for a seawater inlet.

The rudder skeg is nearing completion too, we inserted a new plate on the starboard side of the skeg. We also made a new shoe for the skeg with nuts welded on the inside to support the rudder when in place and also fitted a new trailing edge which is a 3″ channel iron.


There we have it another week down the channel and a smiley face after a long days work.IMG_0413

Have a good one. A+ Morgan

4 thoughts on “Week 9.

  1. The Human Nature factor…Yup! Always hoping for the best in people and giving them the benefit of the doubt…we’ve done that! Sounds like you made a good decision but it’s never easy! That is one huge water tank! Like your big smile, Morgan and your Alaska shirt! The weather should stabilize now that spring is here…finally! Just remember, it’s a labor of LOVE!

  2. My oh my, you really are pulling that boat apart! There is not going to be one little nook of it that you will not know. What work, its impressive! I do hope the weather warm up for you in your last weeks before work starts…Here its getting a tiny bit cooler (some say cold at 23* I don’t know).

  3. well done to you both on all your hard work .Looking at the photo’s you still have some more hard to do .so hope the weather do turn nice for you so you can get plenty more work done in a week s to come .xx

  4. Wow, some day, you will be out in the middle of nowhere with ice all around you or sliding down large seas and you will look at each other and Morgan you will look lovingly into Cheryl’s eye and will say, “Damn girl, aren’t you glad we know and have touched every bit of this baby, all its nooks, crannies, its hidden parts… because if we hadn’t, I would be screaming like a little girl”

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