Week 8.

This weeks update will be brief as this weeks progress has been based on preparing areas to be worked on for next week.

The week began with a thorough cleaning of the interior by Cheryl.  During the glass blasting, water and glass got into the boat, so this needed to be taken care of.  Whilst she did this I prepared the gunwale for painting.  The gunwale was a section of the deck which was hard to get with the glass blasting machine, so I made sure any corroded sections, was chipped, grinded and cleaned.

IMG_0325We applied our second coat of barrier coat/primmer to the deck and cockpit so now its all well and sealed.


Cheryl is in the process of taking apart the winches, cleaning all the parts and putting everything back together.  A long slow process which needed to be done and by the looks of things haven’t been done in years.  IMG_0334So far 7 winches are off the boat and 5 more are still bolted to the mast and coachroof.

IMG_0314 IMG_0316

We went to Summer ville and picked up our hatches which have been powder coated and now looking like new.  The new acrylic has been ordered and should be with us by next week.


I spent two days chip hammering, sanding and cleaning the lazarette and the steering locker in preparation for painting.  Everything is now looking nice and clean.IMG_0319

This week has been a tough week weather wise.  Temperatures dropped considerably and was in the low single digits most mornings.  With the cold came a strong bitter wind which didn’t make working out side very easy.  We are keeping our fingers cross for warmer weather for next week. This about sums up this week.

Have a Happy Easter weekend.

A+ Morgan & Cheryl

3 thoughts on “Week 8.

  1. Well every thing looking good for week eight, by the time it finish should look like new. Keep up the good work, take care love errol

  2. go cheryl!!!! look at you taking apart those winches like a pro! well done to you both again, looks like you are making great progress! hatches look fab too!

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