Week 7.

Kata Brava has a NEW LOOK.

We started the week tending to some final welding that needed to be done before we could start with the sand blasting.


IMG_0244Also finishing protecting what didn’t need sand blasting with plywood, cardboard, tarpaulin and roles and roles of duck tape.


Cheryl plugged all the deck bolt holes with round rode which she tapered and bunged into the deck to create a plug.


Our sand blasting machine arrived on Tuesday, ready for an early start on Wednesday.


However on Wednesday the machine did not work and after a lot of fussing a new one was brought in so with half a day gone only a small portion of the deck was done.


IMG_0274 IMG_0293

Thursday was nonstop sand blasting and by the end of the day the boat was almost bare and free from rust, glue and paint, a great feeling.


Friday morning we did a little bit of detailing here and there, washed down the boat as it looked as if we had landed on a beach somewhere.


We let the deck dry for a couple of hours and by mid afternoon we were both in full swing, painting away.

IMG_0307 IMG_0303


We started on the bow and worked our way aft finishing in the cockpit by applying the last small square area standing on the helm pedestal.

There we have it Kata Brava finally has a new look and this week we feel we have made a big step forward.

A+ Morgan.

3 thoughts on “Week 7.

  1. Looking good, keep the good work going guys all the best, have a good easter still don’t know were i’ll be yet. Take care love Errol

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