Is it Spring yet……???

One of my main concerns before coming north to Charleston to start this project was the weather.  January was still winter.  So for the weeks leading up to our arrival here I would constantly ask Morgan what the weather was like.  After spending nearly a whole year in the US and what felt like just having a glimpse of summer the thought of it being cold again made me slightly concern.  So Morgan told me the truth….it was winter and it would be chilly at times…..I think that was his words.

On our arrival here on the 13th January the weather was glorious, it was hot and sunny with blue skies…I noticed that about the East Coast, there is nearly always blue skies, as appose to Europe at this time of the year.  So there we were for the first few days here in Charleston walking around in flip flops.  It felt good.  However, everyone constantly reminded us that ‘this is not normal weather for this time of the year’.  Hmmmmmm not good…and sure enough 4 days later it changed….just like that over night it got cold.  I couldn’t believe it.  We went from sleeping with the windows open and the fan going like crazy to windows definitely shut and the heater nearly constantly on whilst we were in the apartment.

It has pretty much been the same up until a week ago.  We would go to work in the morning and it would normally always be in the single digits.  Many mornings we have had to get the frost of the wind shield before taking of from our parking spot.  I have been wearing 3-4 layers for most part of the day.  All the guys in the yard look at me and smile….they can tell I am not a fan of the cold weather, especially when I have a scarf, beanie and gloves on.  They often like to shout across the yard and say ‘Welcome to Charleston’.  I have to say though I have been a sport.  I have hardly ever complain….I think, and just find jobs inside the boat on the extremely cold days until the 2-3 hours in the afternoon before the wind picks up when it can sometimes be bearable for me to work outside.


Enjoying Green Memosa’s for St Patricks Day.

However this last week it has warmed up considerably.  We have had temperatures in the 20’s… wonderful.  This weekend we saw St. Patricks Day and the weather topped 27 degrees C…..yahooooo.  It was nice to wear open shoes again and to join in on a little of the local St Paddy’s day celebrations in town.


The little tree in the parking lot.

So is it Spring yet???? Our little tree at our parking lot isn’t giving much signs of Spring….or perhaps it’s always like that.  We will have to see.

Have a wonderful warm week where ever you are.


2 thoughts on “Is it Spring yet……???

  1. I think Spring is in the air for you, as here down on the Southern hemisphere its kinda starting a tiny weeny bit to feel like Autumn! Not that I can really say that there is such a thing here on the Sunshine Coast, but the wind wont stop and despite my little surf on Saturday, the beach mostly does not feel like the place to be any more!
    I love the little bird on the top of your little tree…Send a photo when the first leaves start to grow!

  2. Well it’s good that you are warming up, but for me notthing has changed from the time i got here 1 Dec to this day, so how do you think i feel. It was nice to see your Mum last week with such a nice tan and I am going around like a white sheet. Went to the hospital yesterday for my last appointment as the doctor has said I am now fit enough to go home. Take care, keep up the good work,

    Love Errol XXX

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