Week 6.

I dont know if its the same for everyone or if its just me but the weeks are flying by at an incredible fast pace, week six has already come and gone.

Well its all coming along slowly but steadily.

IMG_0161 IMG_0169We’ve done a few cut outs. Our first cut out was around the hole that we had found in the engine room. Once the cut out was cleaned and trimmed we welded a new plate of 1/4″ or 6mm Steel.

IMG_0174 Second cut out is a section in the stern. The Auto pilot bracket which is made of thick stainless steel was welded in 3 different spots to the hull.  In turn on the out side we could see that the metal had deteriorated and was weak and therefore needed replacing so we cut out the auto pilot bracket and a big section of metal.  WIMG_0184e then used this piece as a template and cut a new piece of steel which we spot welded into place. Being so close to the end of the transom this was the best way to go about it rather then having 3 small inserts that would correspond to the 3 different legs of the auto pilot bracket.

The third cut for this week was in the tailing edge of the rudder skeg.IMG_0181 The skeg had a few pin holes in the tailing edge, side and on the shoe.

The forth cut out was the cooking gas locker in the transom. This locker had rust holes in all four corners making it very difficult to repair so the idea is to take it fully out and improve the setup which will come later.

IMG_0188 IMG_0185We fed the new pipes for the Main engine and generator exhaust.These two exhaust’s are welded with support bracket’s along the decks crossbeams and travel from the transom locker through the lazaret, through the aft head and into the engine room.

We got all our deck hatches cleaned up and totally disassembled and sent them to be sand blasted and powder coated. IMG_0178We are also in the process of getting all new acrylics for the hatches.

Our deck paint is on its way.  We had scheduled two weeks ago to get sand blasted this week, however unfortunately the yard wasn’t ready for us. So we are now scheduled to get the deck sand blasted mid next week.  We are really looking forward to a new look.

IMG_0206Cheryl got all the stanchions out of their deck supports and started taping up the stainless steel bollards, turnbuckles, mast base and so on. IMG_0191

I chipped, wire brushed and sanded all around the top and outside side of the gunwale and few small spots on the hull and primed them. Its much easier to do this outside section and spots by hand and grinder instead of sandblasting as there would then be too much risk of damaging the topside. IMG_0195This is the first bit of fresh paint that Kata Brava has had in a very long time.


So there we have it, in all a steady progress and fingers cross for a new look next week.

A+ Morgan

4 thoughts on “Week 6.

  1. Time does fly by…especially when you start counting the weeks. You have made incredible progress. We are so happy to see that you are taking time to enjoy life and what the Charleston area has to offer in the process. Love all the pictures and your blog! Can’t wait to see the rebuild pictures as you put Kata Brava back together! Wonder if you are watching Dateline tonight…it is set in north Charleston. Love and hugs, Meredith and Frank

  2. Wow it has been a full week of holes and then no more holes!!!
    I cant wait for you guys to get the deck sand blasted and the paint that’s going to be VERY exiting, a glimpse of things moving ahead in a big way!

  3. Good news to know things are progressing well and yes the time sure fly by when you are working hard and also enjoying it !

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