Week 5.

This weeks update will be short.

In all it has been another non stop week for the both of us,  a seven day week for me which is taking it’s toll.  As always we are preparing or advancing a job for later on. We have managed to progress as much as we can in terms of preparing for the sandblasting and advancing the areas to be welded by cutting and grinding.  However the welding has progressed very little or not as much as we have hoped.

Our contractor Tommy has injured his knee and therefore been in and out of the hospital and not been able to come down to the boat much which is very frustrating.  We have scheduled to sandblast at the end of next week and are now wondering if we will be able to keep up with that date, what can we do???

On the up side of things, the deck is now clear of wood and ready for sandblasting.  It took us about two days in total to get the hatches and surrounding teak off.  What a long process.

IMG_0108Cheryl has started to take apart the deck hatches so that we can send the frames out for powder coating and order the new acrylic’s.IMG_0120

This week she has also tackled the galley ceiling again.  It needed to be taken care of, so unfortunately she had to strip nearly the entire ceiling from the ceiling panels, the wooden frames and the insulation and plastic which was the main cause of the water soaked ceiling.


Our paint for the bottom and the bilges has arrived.  So finally once the last of the welding on the hull is done we can start painting the interior sections of the boat that requires sealing.

With Tommy being away most of the week, we have only had Red on board.  IMG_0114He has completed the last of the cockpit area.  I have cut away the bad/rusted sections of the gunwale this week and Red has nearly completed re-welding new sections of steel on. IMG_0122 IMG_0131

This weekend I cut out the majority of the transom area that needs replacing, so now it’s ready for new plates to be installed.  IMG_0133

We have also been busy getting quotes for various new items that we will need which all takes time.

We can’t wait now to be in in the fixing mode rather than in the demolition mode.  We can only hope next week will be better.

A+ Morgan

4 thoughts on “Week 5.

  1. I think you’al are really doing well leaving out the delays but never mind one of these you will look back and say can;t believe we did all that work .love mum xx

  2. well done to both of you, really good to see that although there are surprises etc popping up along the way, you are using all your past experiences and dealing with them head on, and staying focused, very impressed!xx

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