Week 4.

Another week bites the dust.

This week started with rain so on Monday we couldn’t work outside at all and obviously there was no welding.  However we did managed to unbolt all the nuts of the staysail track and in between two shower spells we took off the tracks and duck taped all the bolt holes up to limit water coming into the boat. So slowly the deck is getting clearer.IMG_0038

Tuesday, it rained like mad and it was pretty windy too, there was flooding alerts for the Charleston area and the possibility of tornado’s. So we didn’t do much at all.

IMG_0017 IMG_0070

Wednesday was another cold and windy day so Cheryl worked inside and disconnected all the mast cables and pulled them out as both goose necks were leaking. So we will have to cut them off and weld new ones next week.

Thursday got even colder and windier so Cheryl started investigating the ceiling over the galley. IMG_0056 The main big hatch in the galley showed signs of water damage, so she to started pulling at the wood panels and insulation.IMG_0087 IMG_0085 Unfortunately there was a lot more water than we had hoped soaked up in the insulation and wood framing.

This is our first big hurdle we have come across.  The area that needs to be cleared is a lot bigger than we had hoped.  So far what we have found is numerous screws have been just screwed through the deck, this could contribute a lot to the water coming in. Unfortunately in the days to come the majority of the wood panels will need to come down.  If we are to try and do this without moving the galley cupboards etc. which will be a huge job, then unfortunately the galley ceiling panelling will most probably need to be completely replaced.

IMG_0075 IMG_0066

On Friday Red came to the boat and welded up the various small screw holes that was on deck.  We started getting the deck hatches off and replacing the openings with plywood until the deck has been sand blasted.

I’ve cut out more poor steel from the cockpit coaming, the gunwale and also the remaining exhaust pipes going through the lazaret.

IMG_0098 IMG_0102When Tommy comes back next week with his team it will be welding nonstop.

With the weather being down this week I made progress in the engine room and got out the refrigeration compressor, IMG_0069 fuel filters and accumulator tank.IMG_0053

I’ve cut out the ceased seacocks and old unused generator mounts and got rid of meters and meters of stiff/old hoses.

IMG_0076Basically clearing the engine room from clutter and getting ready for some welding and fresh paint. In all this week has been slow but we’ve progressed in various areas of the boat in preparation for the next steps.

A+ Morgan & Cheryl

2 thoughts on “Week 4.

  1. We walked away from it slightly frustrated and left it a few days. This week we will tackle it with a different mind set. It is going to be more work, but it has to be done and we will be happy with the end results.

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