Going back in time…..via photos.

When Morgan first added a photo gallery to our blog, I thought hmmmmmm it’s going to be photos of boats, boats and more boats or us working on boats.  However we decided to change it up a little and go back in time and add albums showing places we have travelled together, whether it by sea, plane or over land.

I haven’t finished compiling all the albums yet, but have quite a few already on line.  It’s been interesting to see how the quality and quantity of our photos have improved and  increased over the years as we have both taken a keen interest in photography and the number of camera’s we own has increased with it.   You have to love digital, I for one know I do……it’s just so easy to go click click click, and then delete what you don’t want.  Technology is amazing.

It’s been fun to go through all the old photos from the last nine years and make a small selection.  It’s almost like going back in time…..It’s great to remember the places we have been, experiences we have had and it gets us dreaming about all the places we want to go to.

So if you have a spare moment and your at home alone or bored….check out our photo gallery, hopefully it will make you smile.

Have a wonderful weekend. Cheryl

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