Back to work it is.

It’s amazing how travel has been made so easy.  Friday we were in a boat yard in Holland and today Monday we were back in the boat yard here in Charleston.  It’s hard to believe how many thousands of miles we have travelled in the last few days.


Ice on the deck of Kata Brava.

Well after a week of not doing anything on Kata Brava we went back to work today.  We got to the yard and found it locked….good thing we know the code to get in.  Apparently it was a public holiday today, so everything was closed.  Even Tommy the welder didn’t show.  We need to get a list of the American Public Holidays so that we are aware of when this nation works and when it doesn’t.  So there we were just the two of us in the ship yard working away.  The morning was cold.  The temperature monitor outside a pharmacy read 6 degree’s Celsius .  Although the breeze from the ocean made it felt colder.  Apparently this weekend gone it got really cold here in Charleston.  Not that we would know, we only arrived back late on Saturday and spent most of Sunday in doors.  Although the evidence was there on board Kata Brava, as on the deck where the rain water had settled was sheets of ice.


Getting the cockpit cleared away from teak and deck fittings.

So we worked away and took advantage of the day and took of more of the teak in the cockpit and more of the deck fittings.  Wow it’s amazing how much stuff we have taken of and there’s still more.  It feels like at the moment we are continuously in demolition mode.  We can’t wait for this period to be over and the putting back together or at least making her pretty gets started.


A clear transom in need of some TLC / welding.

Looks like progress this week might be tampered by rain again, so we are trying to push on as much as we can.  At least by the next clear spell of weather we will have quite a bit of work area ready for the welder.

We got the transom cleared and ready also.

At the end of each day we clear away our mess and analysis what we have done.  Sometimes we have to wonder what we are doing??


2 thoughts on “Back to work it is.

  1. You are making a fabulous future for yourselves, putting in the hard work to reep the rewards later when we are all still working 😉 keep going, it will all look like its coming together before you know it!xx

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